Loujain Adada’s Parents: Get to Know the Viral Sensation’s Family

Loujain Adada, also known as Dubai Bling, has been a topic of interest for many people, especially surrounding her personal life, including her parents. Born on November 11, 1989, in California to Lebanese parents, Loujain has been open about her upbringing and the influence her parents had on her life.

Her father, John Bennett Perry, and her mother, Suzanne Perry, have both been instrumental in shaping Loujain’s identity, experiences, and how she presents herself to the world. As a Lebanese American, Loujain was raised with Islamic beliefs and traditions, a reflection of her Sunni Muslim parents’ values and cultural heritage.

Growing up with a mixture of her parents’ Lebanese heritage and American upbringing, Loujain’s story of self-discovery has undoubtedly been of great interest to her followers. Loujain Adada parents’ strong influence and the unique blend of cultures in her life showcase the intricate tapestry of her personal journey.

Early Life and Education

Loujain Adada, born in 1989 in California, had a unique childhood as she grew up with Lebanese parents. Her parents were Sunni Muslims who raised her with strong adherence to their faith. Although her mother left the family when Loujain was only two years old, her father took care of her upbringing and ensured she had everything she needed.

In her early years, Loujain relocated to Beirut, Lebanon, where she was exposed to rich Lebanese culture. This move allowed her to deeply appreciate her roots and heritage. While in Beirut, she attended school and received an education that laid a solid foundation for her future endeavours.

Back in the United States, Loujain continued her education while maintaining her connection to her Lebanese community. She grew up embracing both American and Lebanese cultures, which provided her with diverse experiences and understandings of the world around her. This background played an essential role in shaping her confident and knowledgeable persona that we see today.

Being an American of Lebanese descent, Loujain Adada’s early life and education were indeed shaped by her unique heritage and experiences, which later paved the way for her to become one of the vibrant stars in the world of entertainment.


Loujain Adada is a Lebanese model, MTV presenter, and social media personality who has made a significant impact on the modeling and entertainment industry. Her career initially started as a model in the UAE, where she was featured on the cover page of Elle Dubai, a renowned fashion magazine. With her captivating looks and impressive personality, Loujain has worked with various brands and designers throughout her career.

In addition to modeling, Loujain has ventured into the world of television as an MTV presenter. Her charismatic presence and enthusiasm have earned her recognition as a popular television host. Bringing her dynamic energy to each show, she has successfully captured viewers’ attention and engaged them with stimulating content.

Moreover, Loujain is an active social media personality, where she shares her glamorous life as a model and television presenter with her followers. With a strong presence on various platforms, she gives fans an intimate glimpse into her work and personal life, making her a relatable and admired figure in the industry.

As the entertainment world evolves, Loujain continues to adapt and expand her horizons. She was recently introduced to a wider audience through a Netflix series, showcasing her versatility and the depth of her talent. This opportunity has allowed her to reach an entirely new demographic and further solidified her career as a multi-talented individual in the world of entertainment.

As Loujain Adada continues to break boundaries and explore new opportunities, her career is undeniably on an upward trajectory. Her relentless determination and commitment to her work have proven that the sky’s the limit for this talented Lebanese model, MTV presenter, and social media personality.


Loujain Adada’s family background has been a topic of interest, especially with her rise to fame as a cast member of the Netflix reality show “Dubai Bling.” Her parents have remained mostly a mystery to the public. Loujain’s mother is an American woman named Suzanne Perry, who left her daughter when she was only two years old. According to Loujain, her mother lives in the USA, but she does not know which state specifically. Unfortunately, their relationship soured after they briefly reconnected with the help of Loujain’s late husband.

Regarding her father and siblings, there is not much information available about them. It is unclear if Loujain has any siblings, and if she does, their details remain unknown. For now, it seems that the focus remains on Loujain’s relationship with her mother and her own personal life rather than the extended family.

Loujain Adada was married to Walid Ahmed Juffali, an Arabic businessman, in November 2012. However, their time together was cut short when Walid passed away due to cancer on July 20, 2016, leaving Loujain a widow. They had two daughters together, named Talia and Lana. The girls have become an important part of Loujain’s world, and she often shares moments with them on her social media platforms.

Despite some of the challenges she has faced in her personal life, Loujain has managed to build a successful career. At the age of 33, she has amassed over 109,000 followers on her Instagram account (@loujainaj) and has made a name for herself as a model. Before marrying Walid, she was a Beirut-based fashion model that gained recognition in the industry. Now, as a public figure and a single mother, Loujain continues to face life with resilience and determination, inspiring many with her story.


Loujain Adada, a Lebanese model and social media personality, experienced a significant relationship in her life. She married Walid Ahmed Juffali, an Arabic businessman, in November 2012. Their marriage led to the birth of two daughters, Talia and Lana.

Tragically, Walid Juffali passed away on July 20, 2016, due to cancer, leaving Loujain a widow at the age of 33. At the time of their marriage, Loujain was 25 years old.

As a result of their union and Walid’s subsequent passing, Loujain inherited a considerable amount of wealth. Despite this unfortunate event, Loujain has managed to maintain a reputable presence in the public eye as part of the Netflix show “Dubai Bling” and various other pursuits in the entertainment industry.

While her late husband’s name is the most prominent in Loujain’s marital history, there is not much information available regarding any previous relationships or other connections to individuals named Ebraheem. Nonetheless, Loujain continues to garner attention for her career and personal life.

Loujain Adada in USA

Loujain Adada was born in 1989 in California, a state known for its diverse culture and vibrant entertainment industry. As a young child, she spent her early years in the United States, experiencing the American lifestyle and growing up amidst a multicultural environment. California, particularly the city of Venice, boasts a unique blend of art, culture, and fashion, which might have had a significant influence on Loujain’s life and her career path.

During her time in the USA, it is likely that Loujain was exposed to a variety of experiences that undoubtedly played a crucial role in shaping her personality and her outlook on life. California has long been a hub for creatives, dreamers, and entrepreneurs, and this would have provided a rich and inspiring environment for Loujain as she embarked on her journey to success.

However, her childhood was not without its challenges. Loujain’s mother left when she was just two years old, which may have contributed to the star’s reluctance to open up in relationships in later years. Despite this adversity, Loujain managed to build a successful career and has become a beloved and recognizable figure worldwide.

Loujain Adada in Dubai

Loujain Adada, popularly known for her appearance in the reality show “Dubai Bling,” was born in California to Lebanese parents, John Bennett Perry and Suzanne Perry. Spending part of her childhood in Lebanon, Loujain later moved to Dubai where she became an established model.

Dubai Bling brought Loujain Adada into the limelight as she showcased her luxurious lifestyle on the show. As a successful model in Dubai, she not only worked hard to make a name for herself, but she also managed to create a unique brand and gain a massive following. Loujain Adada parents played an essential role in her upbringing, providing her with the necessary support and encouragement to pursue her modeling career.

In addition to her thriving modeling career, Loujain is also known for her strong ties to the Dubai community. As a Lebanese American, she follows the Islamic religion like her Sunni Muslim parents, who have settled well in America. However, during her time in Dubai, Loujain has beautifully merged her Lebanese heritage and American upbringing, making her an influential figure in the city’s social scene.

Given the success of Dubai Bling, audiences have come to admire Loujain’s ambitious nature and her dedication to her craft. Her journey from California to Dubai showcases her remarkable ability to adapt and create an impressive life for herself in the glamorous city. Sharing her experiences with the world has made Loujain Adada an iconic figure for many aspiring models and young entrepreneurs.

Though she has faced some personal challenges, Loujain maintains a positive and optimistic perspective. She continues to work hard and make a substantial impact on both her personal and professional life. Loujain Adada’s journey in Dubai, as showcased in “Dubai Bling,” is a testament to her unwavering determination and spirit.

Health Issues

Loujain Adada, a cast member of the Netflix series Dubai Bling, has been open about her parents and their history. A particularly significant health issue that has affected the family is cancer. Loujain’s father faced severe health complications related to the disease, causing emotional turmoil for the family.

The battle with cancer has made an impact on Loujain’s life, molding her into a strong and resilient individual. Dealing with such a challenging health issue, she has developed a greater appreciation for life and cherishes the time spent with her loved ones. Her father’s illness has also been a catalyst for Loujain’s advocacy for cancer awareness and research.

Despite the hardships faced by Loujain’s family due to health issues, they have remained supportive of each other. Loujain’s personal experiences have fostered a sense of empathy and determination in her to help others coping with similar situations. Through her career and public platform, she strives to be a positive role model and inspire those who face challenges in their lives.

Physical Appearance

Loujain Adada is a striking personality known for her work as a model and reality star in Dubai Bling. She has a distinct physical appearance that adds to her charm and allure in the world of fashion and entertainment.

Standing tall at a height of 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm), Loujain possesses a slender frame, weighing approximately 50 kg (110 lbs). This height and weight complement her overall appearance, further enhancing her presence in both her professional and personal life.

In terms of hair and eye color, Loujain boasts a beautiful combination of luscious dark brown hair and mesmerizing brown eyes. This pairing adds an element of depth and mystery to her look, making her easily recognizable in the industry.

Loujain’s body measurements are estimated to be around 30-28-32 inches, contributing to her overall stunning appearance. With her impeccable sense of style and eye-catching features, there is no doubt that Loujain Adada continues to turn heads and capture the attention of audiences around the world.

Net Worth

Loujain Adada, a Lebanese-American model and social media personality, has established a successful career in the industry. Her accumulated wealth is estimated to be around $8 million. This considerable net worth has been amassed through her modeling projects, brand endorsements, and her appearance on the Netflix show, Dubai Bling.

Her early days saw her relying on her father for financial support. However, Loujain’s dedication and hard work in the fashion and modeling industry have enabled her to create a stable and flourishing career. Additionally, her interests in photography and traveling have contributed to her recognizable presence in the industry.

It’s worth mentioning that Loujain had also been married to Walid Juffali, a late businessman, which could have influenced her net worth. Nonetheless, her personal accomplishments in the field of fashion and modeling remain the cornerstone of her financial success.

Social Media Presence

Loujain Adada, a Lebanese model and social media personality, maintains an active presence on Instagram. With a confident and knowledgeable tone, she shares glimpses of her luxurious lifestyle, fashion, and travels on her account. Her posts on the platform showcase her sense of style and a life filled with opulence that many of her followers admire.

As a prominent figure in the public eye, Loujain uses her platform to engage with her audience, sharing her experiences both on and off the screen. This openness helps her maintain a strong connection with her fans, who appreciate the insights into her glamorous life.

Additionally, her Instagram presence has allowed her to establish partnerships and collaborations with various brands and designers. This has further expanded her influence within the fashion industry, giving her more opportunities to shine as a model and style icon.

In summary, Loujain Adada’s active Instagram presence serves as a powerful tool for maintaining and growing her fanbase, as well as fostering partnerships in the fashion industry.


Loujain Adada, a prominent star of the Netflix series Dubai Bling, follows the Islamic faith like her parents. Her family comes from a Sunni Muslim background, which plays a significant role in their cultural and religious beliefs.

Growing up in a Lebanese American household, Loujain Adada was exposed to a mix of Eastern and Western influences. This created a unique environment where she learned to appreciate the significance of faith and the impact it can have on a person’s life.

Her upbringing in a Sunni Muslim family encouraged her to adopt and continue practicing the teachings of Islam. In this context, it is worth mentioning that Loujain’s parents have played an essential role in shaping her religious outlook and identity.

Living in Dubai, Loujain has the opportunity to embrace Islamic values and traditions actively. As an influential member of her community, she helps spread an image of strong, proud Muslims with deep-rooted convictions and rich cultural heritage.

By following the Islamic faith, Loujain Adada continues to stay connected to her roots and the beliefs that her parents instilled in her. It is a testament to the importance of religion in shaping an individual’s life, as well as the power of family influences in creating a lasting impact on one’s identity.

Personal Life

Loujain Adada, a Lebanese model and social media personality, was born in 1989 in California, USA. She is currently 33 years old. Although she grew up in the United States, her background is of Lebanese ethnicity. Her personal life has some unique turns and family history that have shaped much of her story.

Loujain’s parents went through a divorce when she was just a young child, which led to them residing in different countries. Her father lives in Egypt, while her mother’s current residence is in the USA. Despite facing separation from her mother at a young age, Loujain has worked to reconnect with her over time.

In November 2012, Loujain married Walid Ahmed Juffali, a wealthy Arabic businessman from Dubai. Walid had been married twice before Loujain and was well-known for being one of the richest businessmen in the region. Tragically, in July 2016, Walid passed away due to cancer. This heartbreaking event left Loujain as a widow.

Loujain and Walid have two daughters together, named Talia and Lana. Loujain often shares pictures of her children on her social media platforms, showing her dedication to motherhood. She now carries on with her life and career, balancing being a widow, mother, and a public figure in the spotlight.



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