Why do you need a fish bone tweezer?

Fish bone tweezers are relatively inexpensive but also an elegant tool to have in your kitchen drawer. If you or anyone in your family likes fish or likes to make sushi at home, one of the problems is that the bones are very hard to eat by fingers. That’s why every sushi lover must have some fish bone tweezers around. And if you do some fishing, then they can save you some time and trouble of picking all those little bones out of the fish before cooking them. Just because it takes less than 10 seconds to remove the tiniest fish bones, it doesn’t mean I’ll be relaxing. Actually the opposite is true. About two months ago I decided to get back into Sushi meals after a short break from them.

Easy pick

I don’t know about you, but I cook fish pretty often. This is not just because I love the taste, but also because it’s healthy and cheap. Furthermore, when you screw up (it’s inevitable when cooking fish — or anything else), you can generally still make use of the bones in broths, soups and stocks to make excellent flavorings. But this means handling fish bones, which can be pretty slimy if they’ve been cooked for any length of time at all, and there comes the point when placing these slippery little things between your fingers becomes quickly uncomfortable. This is where tweezers come in handy — fish bone tweezers to be precise!

Most kitchen utensils, even the more quirky ones, tend to evolve over time. What began as a sort of crude invention by necessity eventually becomes refined and streamlined (and often prettier, to boot). So it is with fish bone tweezers — you don’t need to look much further than their appearance to see how they’ve evolved. Essentially, these tweezers originally pieced together whatever pieced-together thing was lying around at the time: fishing twine, spoons and forks and the like.

It does the job effectively

Fish bone tweezers are kitchen gadgets that look like miniature pliers. The plated steel fishbone tweezers are delicate enough to remove fish bones from your fish and still strong enough to crack nuts and peel garlic. The two ends of these utensils have different functions, so you can choose either to maintain a low profile or choose both to create a pair and showcase your perfectly matched utensils in the kitchen drawer.

Stronger longer and sturdier

Fish tweezers are specialized tools used to handle finicky fish when you aren’t using a net. This is to ensure that both your hands and the fish are protected from nicks that a regular pair of tweezers could cause. Thanks to pinching blades, these applicators can even be repositioned in a pinch, a function a regular pair of tweezers cannot deliver. What’s so great about fish tweezers is that they are very useful for one thing but are not versatile enough to do anything else! They are made to work with fish so you know they will do the job well.



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