5 things a copywriter can do for you

First things first, I’m not exactly a traditional copywriter since I’ve never worked for an ad agency. Nor have I helped the likes of Nike, Coca-Cola, or Britney Spears “put words in all the right places.” So, in my opinion, a copywriter at skailed.com is a writer in a marketing role with a focus on creating content that sells … is a writer in a marketing role with a focus on creating content that sells. A lot of people think that all they need to do is write and that they can monetize off the back of the writing alone.

Have you ever asked yourself what does a copywriter do? That’s not an easy question to answer, but I intend to give an accurate definition in this post. So, let’s get started!

1. Advertising and marketing copies

A copywriter writes for companies advertising and marketing copies. They craft web pages, brochures, sales letters, articles and even movie scripts. In the case of an HTML text, a good copywriter writes it in such a way that ensures maximum readability. They add keywords to the text while making sure the sentences are straightforward.

2. Public relations material

The role of a copywriter is quite significant in terms of generating general awareness about the product or service. It is imperative to carry out extensive research on the target audience prior to sending out any communication letter to media organizations.A copywriter uses different techniques for this purpose to promote their services. He writes articles, advertorials, sales letters etc. to get the attention of the visitors or readers to know more about his product or services. Speaking about the skillset that a copywriter should have, just being good at writing is not enough. Anyone can write but what ultimately establishes the credibility of the writer is its creativity and unique features.

3. Editorial work

The best copywriters are also the editors for copywriters in addition to creating their own original content. By editing writers’ pieces, copywriters help in avoiding pitfalls like grammatical, spelling and syntax mistakes that could easily be overlooked in regular writing. Editing is done by reading through the pieces for repetitions (and deleting them), checking for inconsistencies between words used in one piece to another, double-checking the tense used, reviewing for incorrect punctuation, deleting redundant punctuation or phrases and making sure the arguments presented in the pitch will effectively support the claims made throughout the rest of the content.

4. Audiovisual and broadcast copy

Copywriters are able to write sales presentations that are used during meetings with clients or prospective clients for pitching new projects or services that the company may be offering. They also write internal training materials used for training purposes to improve the skills of employees currently working under you.

5. Online copies

Copywriters are responsible for writing advertising content for companies, including e-newsletters, online advertisements, brochures, speeches and product descriptions. They should have a background in creative writing to be effective copywriters. Copywriting is not limited to traditional print advertising — it includes email marketing, maintaining websites and online sales pages. Microcopy is also included under the umbrella of copywriting. Microcopy encompasses tiny words on each screen of an app, referencing an action or guiding users along.



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