What is Exodus Cry?

Exodus cry is a non-profit making organisation whose members share the commitment to abolish sex trafficking and the commercial sex industry. Their headquarters are in Grandview, MO. As a Christian organisation, exodus cry will also promote Christian views and oppose anything that goes against these. This has in the past thought to have included abortion rights and those of the LGBTQ community.

What Do They Do?

As mentioned, the principal mission of exodus cry is to abolish internationally sex trafficking and all forms of commercialization in relation to the sex industry and its associated products. Apart from spreading this message, exodus cry will also assist and empower any victims of this heinous crime. In keeping with this aim, exodus cry will stand up for female equality. That is in women having equal opportunities to men in life and in the workplace. The organization promote meritocracy and not decisions made in accordance with gender. They maintain that all recruitment decisions should be made solely on someone’s ability to do the job. That there should be equal pay for both sexes.  The other known views that are coming from the organisation, though, are that they oppose abortion and LGBTQ rights. These extreme views are particularly controversial in today’s modern and diverse society. From a Christian viewpoint, both views promote birth, as opposed to abortion that stops it and non-heterosexual relationships which prevent it.

How Do They Do It?

Exodus cry help combat and prevent cases of sex trafficking by spreading the word so that more people are aware of it going on. They use their organisation as a platform, a voice, to inform others and encourage them to find out more about what is happening in front of them. They collect donations so that they can fund their activities in relation to relaying the messages to everyone that can stop this unacceptable and illegal trade, including the politicians and lawmakers. People are doing it so people can stop it. As an organisation, exodus cry will offer support and counsel any victims to help them overcome their ordeal. They are dealing with the aftermath here of an international crime, so they will call on members worldwide to help. As we consider the organisation’s more recent activities, we will see how they are using more diverse ways of spreading their Christian message to all, and how LGBTQ issues are still linked to the organisation.

What Have They Been Involved in More Recently?

Exodus cry, as a US Christian Advocacy Group, have been linked to the making of a controversial film entitled Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution. The ethos of the film is to highlight how, to a group of students in Florida on a spring break, sex means nothing. The film highlights, through the activity of a beach party, the exploitation of the female gender. The film is aimed as a message for the young in being available to view on Netflix. It is a powerful and shocking film and an extreme way to spread the message, going beyond making speeches or protests and reaching further inside people’s minds and emotions. The film is suggesting that exploitation is everywhere and that because it is amongst the young the wrong attitudes to sex are making their way through the generations and, as a result, nothing is ever likely to change. That is, unless we change the attitudes of the young as a priority. What at first could be viewed as promiscuous behaviour and sexual freedom for the students is turned into a scene of female exploitation. It is a demonstration perhaps of naivety fuelling the problem and that more education is required. This is where exodus cry can see their role in spreading that message. Then, what better way than to put the topic into a film that is watched by the masses? Not openly saying what they feel through speeches but through the actions and dialogue of a film. On the one hand, it is a subtler way to deliver the message, but on the other hand, it is a controversial film that is being used to do it.

More recently still, actress Melissa McCarthy’s donation, reportedly made in error to exodus cry, has recently fuelled controversy about the charity’s past anti-LGBTQ views. There would still seem to be mixed messages from the charity which tread a fine line between supporting good causes and abolishing unjust ones, in today’s more diverse society.

For more information on LGBTQ, click here.

So, that is a little about exodus cry. A charity with sometimes controversial views but which is at the forefront of supporting female freedoms and equality, and all that goes with it.



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