What Does Buying Social Media Features Involve?

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You may have heard about websites where social media features are for sale. This is a common idea that has emerged in recent times and is a trend that is growing at a rapid pace. While those of you who are familiar with social media will know that these features tend to appear organically, you may be unaware that it is possible to get your hands on them in a far easier manner, i.e. by paying for them. Websites like https://www.iigers.com give you the opportunity to do just this but what exactly does this entail and what is so important about social media features in the first place that you would be willing to pay for them? With this article, we hope to give you more information regarding this issue and we are sure that by the time you have finished reading it, you will have a clearer idea of the entire concept.

What are social media features?

Social media features refer to the interactions that social media users have with each other. This includes viewing content, liking material that has been posted or commenting on it and becoming a follower of the profile in question. Additionally, there are several other types of social media features but the four mentioned above are the most important ones. These interactions are important because, in terms of becoming more visible and getting more attention on social media, they contribute to helping your profile expand. This is essential if you are hoping to leave a big impression on social media.

What do the different features do?

With the interaction features we have mentioned, the clue to what they do is in the name of each one. A view represents an instance of a social media user viewing your profile or some content that is posted to it, although it doesn’t give any indication as to whether the user had a positive or a negative reaction to the content. On the other hand, a like indicates that the social media user giving it has appreciated something about the content in question and wants to publicly demonstrate said appreciation. A comment is when another user is moved by a particular piece of material to the extent that they feel the need to express themselves in words. Unlike a like, there is no guarantee that a comment will be a positive response. Comments are particularly important in terms of social interaction because they tend to draw further interaction from other users, whether this is in the form of views, likes from those in agreement or comments from those looking to get more information about the comment. Followers are a slightly different type of social media feature as they refer to a unit that can engage in the other types of social media features. A follower is a person who has taken a keen interest in your profile and, as such, has opted to be regularly informed of what goes on with your account. As followers refer to regular users, it is normal for them to provide your profile with other types of interaction as well, such as views, likes and comments. It is no surprise that followers are a highly-sought after commodity.

What to do when paying for these features?

The word commodity is not one that is used lightly in this context as there has been a surge in the demand for these features. This refers to the numerous websites that have popped up offering different social media features for sale. These have emerged because of people willing to hand over their cash for these items. This is an important change of events as people are beginning to appreciate the importance and power of these features and are ready to pay what they feel they are worth. So if you have opted to buy social media features, what do you do you have paid for them? Well, it depends on the feature.


Once you have bought views, it is advised that you add as many as you can to the content in question that you want to draw attention to. There is nothing else that can be done if you are looking to get the attention with views; they are the most basic of social media features.


As with views, there is not much that can be done in terms of adding likes to social media content. It is recommended that you add as many likes as you can to the material that you want to place in the spotlight. This should be used for content that you feel is of a particularly good quality or that contains an important message that you want people to see.


Unlike the previous two features, a different approach entirely is suggested when adding paid-for comments to your profile. A “less is more” strategy tends to work here, as comments tend to draw the attention of other users and usually result in a higher level of interaction owing to additional views, likes and comments. With this being the case, it is recommended that simply adding one comment should be enough to get other people responding to the comment and interacting with your profile.


Followers should be added gradually as this is the way to give other users the idea that the increase in followers is a result of a natural progression. If you add them all at once, the sudden spike will look suspicious. On the other hand, adding them over an extended period will see the rate of interaction rise in time with the number of users added. This will give the appearance of a normal increase.

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