Ways To Amp Up Your Immune System for Fall

How much control do you have over avoiding this year’s flu? Could your current health impact how well you fight off the common cold? According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, several factors contribute to immune response: genetic predisposition, previous exposure and personal care. While you cannot change your DNA, you can evaluate your daily choices. This fall, combat illness by making essential changes that rev up your defenses.

How Does Weather Impact Health?

When the leaves begin to fall and temperatures dip, people pull sweaters out of drawers and hit up the markets, stocking up on detox flu products, soups and saline. How are weather and health related? Why do people closely associate cooler conditions with impending illness?

Harvard Medical stresses that certain seasonal factors influence viral spread. For instance, during the fall and winter, days have less sunlight, so people experience lower levels of vitamin D and melatonin, two critical nutrients to fighting off pathogens. Also, the unpleasant weather encourages more indoor activity, which allows for easier airborne spread. Because of the changes in daylight and degrees, people become more vulnerable to picking something up.

What Does Detoxing Mean?

Certainly, you want to have the best over the counter flu medicine set aside to handle those frustrating sniffles. These products mitigate the symptoms, helping you return to everyday life. But your body could be your best line of defense, especially when primed correctly. Be proactive this fall, and give yourself a leg up by detoxing from food toxins.

What you eat impacts how easily you conquer sickness. Research shows that high sugar levels hinder your immune response, making it harder to ward off the cough and fever. Diets heavy in carbohydrates, processed foods and sweets deter quick healing. Start with healthy eating habits now, and say no to boxed foods, sodas, alcohol and treats. Reach for whole foods filled with vitamins. Eat lean protein and consume at least 6 to 10 cups of water daily.

Keeping Your Immune System Strong

When illness invades the body, germs trigger your defenses, signaling white blood cells to fight off intruders and initiate inflammation. This same reaction could occur when you don’t take care of yourself. To identify concerns, learn now what are the 5 classic signs of inflammation. The body signals trouble through physical reactions such as redness, swelling, loss of movement, heat and pain. Do you have these symptoms? If so, take steps to get better now.

Refrain from eating foods that make you more vulnerable, and instead, turn to healthier choices daily. Get enough sleep, permitting the brain, muscles and organs to reset. Exercise regularly by walking, biking or completing a cardio workout. This habit strengthens the heart and flushes toxins from the lungs. In addition, medical experts at Harvard emphasize stress hormones can inhibit immune response, so devote efforts to remaining positive, burning off excess tension and talking through your feelings.

This fall, enjoy the weather changes. Snuggle under a warm blanket, sipping your steamy cup of tea. As you soak in these seasonal perks, evaluate your diet and routine. Is it enough to handle the upcoming germs? Be ready to fight. Make a goal now to bolster your immunity.



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