Valuing Your Car Before Listing for Sale

Are you planning to sell your car? Just about everybody has to bid adieu to their beloved car — with which they shared many joyful moments  — at one point in their life because of innumerable reasons.

Apart from the sentiments attached, there is one thing common among the sellers is the value they are expecting from their old car. Everyone wants the best price, but it is not what you ask, it’s the worth of your car in the secondhand market that matters.

Therefore, valuing your car is the first step before you list it on credible car selling websites to grab the best deals. Fortunately, we’ve prepared a tutorial on how to evaluate your vehicle for sale like a pro.

Used Car Valuation Overview

There are multiple factors that determine the true worth of your car. The procedure of evaluation, more or less, remains the same for the most used cars.

The market worth of any two cars, of the same brand and same model, might differ, because of their condition.

But there is no exact science for valuing a car. No matter how reasonable you are for selling price, most buyers come up with their own point of view. Therefore, there is a lot of scope for negotiation in the second-hand car market today.

So, let’s get started:

Here Are Certain Factors That Determine the Value of Your Car:-

  • Vehicle’s Aesthetics
  • Vehicle’s Condition
  • Number of Kilometres Driven
  • Vehicle’s Make
  • Vehicle’s Service History
  • Accident History

#1 Your Vehicle’s Aesthetics

If there are visible scratches and dents, they could significantly lower the value of your car, even when the interiors are in excellent condition.

If possible, fix the exterior damages before you list your used car for sale.

A vehicle is considered being in good condition, when it has maintenance records, no major dents, no mechanical troubles, and has cleared all the state regulations.

#2 Your Vehicle’s Condition

Yes, your car looks splendid from outside, but its on-road performance defines its real worth. As with age, it is common for your vehicle to experience some wear and tear.

To arrive at the approx value, it is of paramount importance to see the overall condition of the engine, braking system, gear smoothness, steering ease, tyres, alloys, etc.

In case, you don’t have the expertise to understand the mechanics of a car, reach to a local garage centre to get a genuine vehicle assessment report.



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