Trendy Ways to Style Your Trench Coat

For your wardrobe, the trench coat is a classic staple for every season. Nowadays, you can find trench coats in different styles. There are several style inspirations, such as cinched at your waist with a belt. Undoubtedly, ideas are endless for everyone to buy a trendy trench coat.

Remember, a versatile, waterproof, and stylish trench coat will not disappoint you if you want to look elegant. Girls can wear this staple in different styles, from khaki to print and vinyl options. Indeed, you can choose a beautiful jacket for your wardrobe according to your preference. Feel free to check out trench coat for women at VIKTORIA & WOODS.

Suitable for Every Occasion

If you want to wear a trench coat in the office, make sure to keep things chic and simple. You can layer an oversized trench with a belt and black dress. Complete your look with a luxe bag and tall boots. Moreover, you can wear it for a formal look. Undoubtedly, trench coats are ideal for important meetings and corporate offices.

Night Events

For a night out, you can wear a trench coat. You are free to choose between satin and linen with a studded or leather belt. Moreover, a trench coat can be your companion on a weekend brunch. Feel free to pair a colored trench coat with wide-leg pants and a pleated skirt. Make sure to pair it with a graphic tee, spring sweater, and denim.

Grocery Run for Weekend

Nowadays, sweatpant sets and legging are famous for casual grocery run look. To complete your look, you can wear a trench coat. Combine your dress with sneakers. Moreover, it will help you to get a classic business look. You cannot get wrong with a trench coat. It is neutral to manage your look.

It is suitable to work with preppy prints, such as plaid. Moreover, bold jewelry is sufficient to complete your look. You can throw a trench coat on monochrome outfits and elevate casualseparates. A white tee and smart pants may become an elegant base. Moreover, luxe slides and accessories are essential to finish your look.

Comfortable Slides

For this weekend, you can layer an oversized trench with comfy slides and tonal blue looks. Select light denim and a button-up striped shirt for a stylish look. However, you can add extra layers through a tee or white tank under your shirt. Undoubtedly, it is an excellent elegant solution for unpredictable weather. Make sure to use lightweight layers in tonal palettes.

Colorful Trench Coats

If you love street style, you can choose iconic trench coats in different colors. A double-breasted coat looks beautiful in red or yellow. Furthermore, pastel pink is a cute and attractive option. Remember, trench coats can be treated like raincoats. You can fit thick clothing underneath to protect yourself from rain and wind.

Your trench coat should be slightly loose on your body. The arms and body of the coat must not be pulling and tight. To buy the best fit, focus on your trench coat’s waist, length, shoulder, and sleeve.



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