Top Wine Picks Across the Nation

If there is one thing people all over the world enjoy, it’s a great bottle of wine. But which is the greatest can vary depending on where you go. The answer is different in every corner of the world. These are some of the best wines by state, city, or country. Each of these most popular wines could be ideal for many gift-giving occasions.


Loveblock’s Sauvignon Blanc has become a popular organic wine. Its unique scent and flavor are reminiscent of green bell pepper and freshly cut grass. The balance of acidity is perfect, making this wine a top choice in the Marlborough area.


Straight from Austria comes Blaufrankisch, a wine that once chilled, tastes crisp and fresh. The balance of spiciness and juiciness makes the wine’s flavor both unique and memorable. It is just acidic enough to provide an enjoyable experience for wine drinkers, without the robustness of the flavors being over- or underwhelming.

New York

Originating in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York, the Treleaven Cabernet Franc, best served chilled, is a red wine that exudes the scents of soil and cherries. Its vibrant flavor is strong and juicy, making it a refreshing drink after a long day.

Paso Robles

In Paso Robles, California, the Adelaida Rose is comparable to the best red wines in the world. The fruity aroma isn’t all this wine has to offer. You’ll also find that it has a touch of dried herbs that add a uniqueness to the flavor you aren’t likely to get in similar bottles of wine. Dried herbs complete the wine’s unique flavor, which makes it pair well with any number of hearty cheeses.


Virginia’s Cabernet Franc is just as delicious whether you enjoy it at room temperature or nice and chilled. Its soft and subtle flavor includes the aromas of blackberry, cracked black pepper, and pairs well with cooked meats.

Interesting Facts

Did you know the idea of toasting originated in Rome? Before drinking a glass of wine it was proper to place a piece of toasted bread in the glass to make the wine’s flavor more desirable.

The oldest bottle of wine in the world was discovered in Speyer, Germany, and is now housed in the Speyer Historical Museum.

The world’s four largest producers of wine are France, Spain, Italy, and California.

Fifth on the list is China, but China also produces more red wine than any other country in the world.

Ancient Greece was the first time and place where the idea of ‘drinking to one’s health’ was born. Dinner hosts would drink the first sip of wine so guests knew it was safe to consume.

The name of every wine in existence comes from the place it originated.

When giving wine gifts to friends and family, it pays to choose your gift based on popular wines by state. You can find all the best wines for sale at Hickory Farms. Any one of these popular wines will please someone in your life.



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