Top Places to Visit Near London After the Lockdown

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The Coronavirus outbreak has ruined plans for people all over the country (and world) this year and left people stuck inside. This has understandably had a great impact on the morale and wellbeing of the nation, which is why now is a good time to start planning for fun trips that you can enjoy when the lockdown ends and it is safe to be out and exploring.

There are fantastic places up and down the country to consider, but here are a few close to the capital which are highly worth visiting once the lockdown ends.

Box Hill

Surrey is an incredibly beautiful and green area which is conveniently just a short journey from London and Box Hill is one of the county’s main attractions. The picturesque hill is a summit of the beautiful North Downs and a lovely place to explore along the walking trails or simply to relax and take in the surrounding views with a picnic.

New Forest

Further south is the New Forest which is a region known for its stunning heathland, forest trails and pasture land. It is a great place for nature lovers with native ponies, Highland cattle, pigs, owls, otters and much more to discover. It is a nature playground in the New Forest and those that like to walk and/or cycle will certainly enjoy exploring, especially after lockdown.


Bath is an incredibly beautiful and historic city surrounded by the gorgeous rolling hills of Somerset so it has great culture and history along with natural areas to explore. It is, of course, famous for the Roman baths but there is much more to the city than this and it is deemed one of the cultural hubs with a great food, drink and art scene.

Potters Bar

A quaint small town in Hertfordshire just north of London, visiting Potters Bar feels like stepping back in time as it dates back to the early 13th century and retains the same feel. It is surrounded by beautiful countryside and has a number of attractions which makes it a great place to visit from London, plus the trip is easy with a train from London King Cross to Potters Bar.

The Coronavirus may have confined people to their homes but it is important to stay positive and one way to do this is to start making plans for fun trips out once the lockdown ends. The above are all great places to visit and will be a real treat once lockdown ends, it is safe to go outside and people can get back to exploring the great beauty of the country.

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