Tips for Escaping a 9-5 Job

There are a lot of different paths that people can go down as they move towards their career. Some people will go through college, others an apprenticeship, and some will take on the role of an intern. No matter which way you go, you are doing so in the hope of getting a stable job that can give you a comfortable lifestyle. However, the jobs at the end of these journeys differ massively. 

One of the most common formats of jobs is the 9-5 role. This is usually inclusive of the likes of office jobs, retail roles, and many other positions. However, this often isnt the most ideal career choice for many people. Working 9-5, Monday to Friday isnt exactly the most freeing lifestyle. Although it gives you a good routine and stability, it just isnt a good fit for many people. This is why you often hear of many people trying to avoid certain roles due to this format of working schedule. If you are one of these people, here are some tips on how you can escape the 9-5 job format. 

Tap Into Your Passions 

When it comes to any sort of career change, it is important to make a switch to a job role you will actually like. Many people make the mistake initially of getting a good and stable job, not taking their happiness into consideration. To find a job you really resonate with, you should consider your passions and interests. Many of these will lead to more creative or freeing roles. These traditionally arent 9-5 jobs and will offer you a completely new experience. The likes of writer, painter, and musician roles definitely arent 9-5 roles. You will be working sporadic schedules and there will be less predictability in these jobs. This is why it is a great idea to follow your passions in regard to your career. 

See What Job Alternatives There Are 

Another way you can find a more unusual job is simply by seeing what your options are. It is worth doing some research to see what jobs you are capable of that have an ideal working schedule for you. Many freelance and remote opportunities will allow you to be flexible with your time and commitment, so perhaps this could be ideal for you. An example of a job that provides a lot of freedom is the role of a shipment driver. Truck loads on Shiply offer hundreds of jobs for those searching for and capable of the role. This is a great option for independent drivers. 

Take Some Time Out to Travel 

Sometimes you need to do some soul searching in order to really find out what you want to do. One of the best ways you can discover more about yourself is to travel. The new experiences that you have will really open your eyes to the world. This could make you better equipped to make a decision on your future. You might even be introduced to new working opportunities while abroad. 



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