Factors to Consider When Buying a Cricket Bat

Cricket has seen massive growth in popularity in recent years. Cricket is not only popular among people of the Commonwealth Nations but has seen significant interest from countries where cricket was never even known of. A number of factors are thought to have contributed to this rise in interest in cricket, including the arrival of Indian cricket players on the international scene, the increased access to television coverage of international matches and more recently, the advent of Twenty20 leagues across the globe, hero-worshipping of local cricketers by aspiring youngsters. Such factors have led to an increase in demand for cricket equipment, including cricket bats among young people between the ages of 18-25 years.

Want to hit a six or a four? You’ll need the best cricket bat possible. In the world of cricket, there’s always been a discussion about bats. Which is better? Is this bat good for my skill level? Are they worth the money? You can either buy a cricket bat from Kookaburra or consider the following factors when buying a cricket bat: it will be tempting to just grab one from anywhere without giving much thought to it.


Scoring a century is the dream of every player. However, scoring it on your test debut happens to be a rare yet great thing to experience. A lot of people say that you should just be happy that you got the opportunity to play for your national team, and then things will follow naturally, but I beg to differ.  Bat Size is the most important thing for a budding cricketer. Bat size should not be too long or too heavy. The length of the bat should be 2 to 4 inches longer than the child’s height. The weight of the bat should not exceed 1/3rd of the child’s weight at that particular age.


While choosing a bat, the most important thing to note is that it must be lighter in weight. Most of the players prefer to buy a bat with heavy weight, which often affects their performance. They are not able to play well with it as their wrist is not strong enough. Moreover, you should never buy the bat having more than 2 ounces of weight difference. It is said that you shouldn’t go beyond 110-115 grains. While buying this bat, you shouldn’t forget the length of the bat. The longer the bat, the better your strike is going to be.


Cricket bats come in numerous shapes and sizes. Depending on your playing style, you might need to select your model of bat accordingly.  The most common categories are bats for players who usually play in the top order, middle order, tail order, opening batsmen bats, wicket-keeper bats and specialist bats. Always select the model of cricket bat that most suitably fits your style of play. You will have to choose between an Australian bat or a bat developed using English dimensions. These two styles have fundamentally different hitting zones.

Final words

I guess cricket is something most people think about when they think Australia. They might think of the legendary Don Bradman and his pursuit of a lifelong dream: to make a century at every cricket ground in England. But we don’t care much for the noble game; we’re far more interested in the bats that add such excitement to that game.



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