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Dream About Throwing Up – Unpleasant Surprise You Should Not Ignore

We can say this for sure. Vomiting is not a pleasant experience. Nor is a dream about throwing up. But do not ignore these dreams. A dream about throwing up is a sign you are full of negative feelings and thoughts. And it is time to get rid of them, one way or another.

Sometimes, dreams of throwing up are a sign that you reject feelings and beliefs. When you experience such dreams, ask yourself if you need to change your opinions. For women, throwing up can represent a sign of a gynecological problem or a type of STDs.

Let’s analyze what a dream about throwing up means.

Biblical Meaning of Vomiting

We start off with the biblical meaning of dreaming about throwing up. When you dream of puking, it is a sign that you reject certain beliefs, ideas, and feelings.

This dream often comes as a sign that you reverse your views about a certain subject, situation, or relationship. You might feel embarrassed, and you need to change your values and beliefs.

Vomiting is also a sign of change in your life. You might get trapped in a situation or relationship where you no longer have an interest.

If you are trying to prevent vomiting in your dream, it shows a sign of an emotional attempt to hold back on rejecting ideas and feelings.

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General Interpretation of Dream about Throwing Up

Dreams about throwing up are not a good sign. They can reveal your feelings of disgust. That can apply to sexuality, sexual desires, beliefs, ideas, emotions, and more.

The important thing is to remember the details in your dream. Do you dream of vomiting? Or it is someone else in your dream? Do you dream of vomiting blood, or something else? There are many different situations.

Let’s take a look at all of the different explanations.

Different interpretations of dreams about vomiting

Yourself vomiting

If you dream that you are puking, it is a sign that there is something in your life you should get rid of. This might mean a bad relationship, objects you no longer need, or anything else.

In any case, something in your life brings negative energy. It makes you feel bad. And it is time to get rid of it.

In most cases, it is a clear sign you should leave the past behind.

Vomiting stones

You might be thinking, hey, how can you be vomiting stones? Well, this is not a real life situation. It is something that happens in your dream. And vomiting stones is a sign of spiritual enlightenment. You are about to take a new hobby. Or you are longing for a relationship that makes you feel happy.

Someone else vomiting

If you dream of someone else vomiting, it is a sign that the particular person made a mistake. Often, we dream of people close to us.

There surely is something negative about that person. And you should act carefully and patiently. Another explanation is that this person might offend you soon. Or he might accuse you of something. If the person in your dream is a friend, then that friendship is fake.

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Several people throwing up

This dream is not a good sign for sure. The simplest interpretation is that you have many false friends. You might get betrayed at any given time.

The person betraying you can work with you, or he is just a friend. But you will get disappointed in the future.

Trying to prevent vomiting

This is a clear sign you do not want to reject specific ideas and beliefs. You do not want to do it in front of other people. Think about where you are in life at the moment. Is someone asking you to reject something you believe in? Well, this dream shows you should not betray your instincts and beliefs.

Vomiting blood

A dream about throwing up blood is a clear sign you should visit the doctor as soon as possible. Vomiting blood is never a good sign. Some health issues and problems might come up. And it is better to check, prevent them, and then heal them.

Some people also interpret this dream as a sign of passion. It is a sign you will lose your passion and motivation for something. In any case, you should try and apply the meaning in your current situation and life.

It is important to remember the place where you were.

Vomiting bugs

We know vomiting is not a nice feeling and emotion. Yet, sometimes, it can have positive connotation. Take this vomit dream meaning for example. When you are vomiting bugs in your dream, or any insects, it is a symbol of self-discovery and journey. It means that pleasant times are ahead in your waking life.

It is also a sign that you are ready to move on from the past and a difficult situation.

Vomiting on clothes

When you vomit on clothes in your dreams, it is a sign you will get in the center of attention of a bad situation. Someone or something will embarrass and humiliate you in the future. Try to moderate your way out.

Baby throws up in front of you

This is one of the few dreams about vomiting that has a positive explanation. When you see baby vomit, it is a sign that good times will come your way. It applies to work success, and relationship success as well.

Keep an open mind for opportunities that come your way. Do not let them go. After all, it is a good dream about vomiting.

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Someone vomits on you

If you dream of people throwing up all over you, the implication is you are trying in vain. It is possible to lecture people on their behavior. You can always try and give advice to people. But they will react differently. This dream is a clear signal people you are trying to lecture will react differently than your expectations.

You do want to help them. But that is not enough.

Stepping into vomit

There are a couple of factors here. What about color? If the vomit is colorless and doesn’t stand out as much, someone will come to help you in your life. And that applies to people you least expect. The help might come as financial aid, for a project, or for some problem you have.

But if the vomit is nasty, and you can smell it, someone from your surroundings might want to trick you.

Cleaning vomit

When you dream of cleaning vomit, it is a sign of good things coming your way. And that applies to both professional and personal life.

But take a look at your waking life. If this dream comes after some terrible things in your life, it is a sign you have to clean the way so good things can happen.

Your parents throwing up

When you see your parents throwing up in your dream, someone will take over your problems and worries. They doing it consciously, and they want to make the situation easier for you.

You should show gratitude to your helper and savior.

Your parents throwing up on you

This dream is a clear warning you should be careful. Someone wants to hurt you. Or they want to stop you from doing something you plan to do. Look around and find out who that person is as soon as possible. There are enemies around you.

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Child vomiting

This child vomiting dream is a signal of feeling sorry for missed opportunities about your youth. All of these memories connect to your childhood. And wish you could go back to those beautiful times. Remember, most of us were carefree during our youth.



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