Dreaming Of The Devil – A Chance to Learn Valuable Lessons

The Devil symbolizes evil in its entirety. When the Devil appears in your dream, it is an alarming situation. You may wake up frightened. As unpleasant as the experience might look, dreaming of the Devil sometimes offers an opportunity to learn valuable lessons.

For starters, the Devil is a negative image. But his appearance in our dreams is a warning about specific needs in our life.

Devil dreams can appear to both devout people and those who do not believe. There are many forms and situations that can occur when the Devil appears in your dreams. He can appear in different looks, not always the classic look. Let’s take a look at all meaning of dreaming of the Devil.

Biblical meaning of dreaming about the Devil

In most cases, a dream of a demon, or devil, is one where these evil spirits come after you. In biblical terms, the demon is only a manifestation of your own self, trying to communicate an important message.

We think of demons as part of the bad side of life. We think of real life as a duality, a good side, and a bad side. The bad side, or the demon/devil, encourages to do different things.

But conflicts rarely have such a clear path. In spiritual meaning, the Devil might represent a sign of someone or something pressuring to do the wrong thing.

General meaning of dreaming of the devil

According to dream dictionaries, devil nightmares represent a positive warning sign. The dream represents that you’re missing something from your life. We might have a negative image of the Devil, but when he appears in our dreams, he can represent a completely different thing.

The Devil is usually a manifestation of our wishes and needs. Usually, the Devil appears as a warning that you go through a stressful stage in your life.

But the image of the Devil also represents your inner potential, a hidden strength that you can use to go through any obstacle. The Devil shows your power and depth, and your personality.

According to Sigmund Freud, in some cases, the devil can also represent fears and dangers that cloud your waking life.

Different types and scenarios of devil dreams

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Dreaming about the Devil

The simple and classic demon dream meaning is a manifestation of fear and obstacles in your life. At the same time, the nightmare may warn you about the power and strength you have hidden inside. Put them to good use, and you can turn a stressful situation into a good one. Use this strength to solve your problems.

This dream can also represent remorse.

Talking to the Devil

This devil dream is a bad omen, a sign of treachery, and deception. The dream puts you on guard about the potential external threat.

Usually, when you dream about talking to the Devil, you know you have misbehaved. You feel that you need to find a way to repent and purify.

Dream about hell

The Devil resides in hell. And when you dream about the pits of hell, you are in a critical situation. You do not see a way out, and you feel helpless. But you have to regain control over your life and take responsibility for critical decisions.

Sometimes, the flames of hell symbolize purification. And you must give up some bad habits. When you dream of hell, someone wants to destroy your balance and inner harmony.

The Devil attacks you

This is purely an extension of the previous dream, one in which you are in hell. But this one has the concept of guilt added to it. Your subconscious mind tries to tell you that you deserve punishment for your evil deeds.

Dreaming of a satanic attack means you should suffer because of a wrong decision. You cannot undo it. Simply put, this devil dream represents the negative consequences of your actions and decisions.

The Devil defeats you in battle

The physical combat with the Devil is a sign of your brain struggling with the concept of good and bad. And when the devil wins, you know which concept wins. The dream shows our battle of overcoming temptations in life.

When the dream ends with the Devil winning, you might fall off the wagon or feel guilty for bad habits.

Defeating the Devil in battle

There are two meanings to this dream. Logically, one is that you overcame temptations surrounding your daily life. You managed to choose the good side, despite all vices.

Another explanation relates to compassion and forgiveness. You are now at peace with correcting past mistakes.

You are the Devil

The devil is a symbol of power and strength. Dreaming about “being the devil” represents your inner drive and status. You want to look invincible.

At this point, you probably go through something tricky in your life. And dreaming you are the Devil tells you that you have energy and power within yourself to cope with dangers coming your way.

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Devil in the form of a woman

This dream shows you’ve hurt some lady. It is your job to find out who that person is. Make amends, and you will sleep tight afterward.

The dream can also signify a woman looking to betray you. Take a closer look at your surroundings.

Devil in the form of a child

This dream speaks of the existence of deep remorse towards a child. It can also represent fear in the face of misfortune. Or you might have lost a child. Sometimes, it is a sign you took a child on the wrong path, and he grew up a horrible person.

You are friend with the devil

This dream indicates you are an influential person. But you are also easy to manipulate and please others.

Remember, we all have inner strength. You might not know it, but the devil in your dream can remind you of it. Use the strength to overcome obstacles in your life.

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Dog-shaped Devil

The evil spirit can take on many forms. You might even dream about a dog-shaped devil. The dream indicates your phobia of canines.

Cat-shaped devil

Similar to the previous experience, dreaming about a Devil in the form of a cat shows your phobia towards felines. You might have experienced a close encounter with a cat.



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