This Gamer Makes Money Recording Himself Playing Games

Most kids and teenagers play video games for fun for hours everyday. But there are people that make a living doing the same thing, playing video games. Celebrities like Ninja, who is the most famous gamer in the world, makes money through Youtube ads, donations on streams and sponsorships from different companies. 

We are here to talk about Yair Dabush, a 22 years old Youtuber from Israel who is considered to be one of the most known gaming Youtubers in Israel’s Youtube community.

His Youtube channel has more than 42k subscribers currently with over 7 million total channel views (Almost as much as Israel’s population), making him one of the most known names in the Israeli Youtube community. 

We contacted Yair to hear from him how he makes money doing what he does and how much he made so far. He told us: “I make money through Youtube ads. Basically, when someone watches my video, either a banner at the bottom of the video pops up and when someone clicks on it I earn money, or a video ad appears before the video starts, and I make money from that.

Regarding how much I made so far, I really prefer not disclosing the amount, but I can say it’s nice to earn that amount of money doing what you love – playing video games and entertaining tens of thousands of people everyday.”

In addition to Youtube, Yair has more lucrative ventures such as BestWebServices, which is a website that compares website builders and hosting, reviews them and writes about how to make money online, for example, How to make money buying and selling domains



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