Dreams Of Sharks – Should You Be Afraid?

Dreams are a fascinating aspect of the human brain. They offer a brief, yet blurry look at your subconscious thoughts and fears. For many years, psychologists have tried to decipher the meaning behind dreams. In that spirit, dreams of sharks are a common occurrence.

Many people associate these dreams with a negative perception of sharks. But the dream holds a lot more shark symbolism than just fear. Did you know that the dreams of sharks can warn about pregnancy and so on?

Usually, dreaming of sharks signals an immediate threat close to you. They are a powerful enemy or obstacle that can make you afraid. But instead of running away from a threat, sometimes, the solution is to confront the issue. Let’s take a look at the general, biblical, and specific meanings of sharks in dreams.

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Biblical meaning of dreams of sharks

Dreams of sharks represent terrifying vulnerability or feeling of impending doom. You might feel you cannot do anything other than wait for a negative event. You feel nervous about an outcome. And that is a dangerous feeling. It leaves you feeling powerless, and that the event is inevitable.

Sharks are symbols that appear when people go through difficult situations. They appear when you have doubts, or when you feel that a problem will result in failure.

In some cases, sharks represent people or situations that you perceive as relentless. Another explanation is your own uncaring thrive to succeed. That happens when you dream that you are the shark.

General meaning of dreams about sharks

When you see a shark in your dream, take it as a warning of impending danger. You are in danger, or someone else might feel in danger. Lately, you feel lost and unprotected.

Generally speaking, you feel insecure regarding everything you start to do. And other people notice that as well. That might leave you helpless. Someone might try to take advantage of your weakness. And he will show right now.

Sharks in water mean you might have a fight with someone close. And your honesty will cost you. You might tell them something they do not want to hear.

Different Meanings

Getting attacked by a shark

When a shark attacks you, there is nothing positive. To interpret this dream, you need to think of the context and situation. Where were you? Were you close to the shore or to the open sea?

This dream is a signal for unexpected accidents or dangers in your current life. For example, if the shark attacked you while fishing, expect an incident at your workplace.

But if you expected the attack, that means you will enter risky businesses and situations. If you got surprised, something will shock you in the near future.

Running away from a shark

This dream symbolizes reconciliation. You had an argument with someone important to you. And with time, you came to the realization that there was no meaningful reason for the fight. So, logically, you want to reconcile with that person. Your desire is strong, but you do not know how to act in the situation. Do not worry, once you get back, you will feel relieved.

Shark on the land

This is a dream that signals everything in your near future will go according to your plans. That could come as a welcoming reassurance. And everything you imagine will come true. At this point, you might think you have a magic wand for wishes.

Think of what happens around you at the moment? Do you search for a new job? Or you want to start a new relationship? This dream is your sign.

Surrounded by sharks on the open sea

When you dream of sharks surrounding you on the open sea, it means you feel cornered in your real life. You cannot see a way out. And you feel helpless and stressed out as a result. This dream can relate to school, college, work, and even relationships.

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Sharks swimming toward you

It is a different explanation when sharks surround you, and when they swim toward you. In the latter case, the explanation is you will experience an accident. And it will ruin your reputation. Per most explanations, you cannot prevent the accident. But you can minimize the effect on you. Make peace with it, and try to move on.

Shark fin

This shark dream interpretation is that you are being naïve by putting entirely too much trust in your friends. If you see only the shark fin above the surface of the water in your dream, take it as a reassurance. Tell yourself, “I can do this”.

Shark ramming into you

If a shark swims towards you at full speed while on a boat, it is a dangerous thing. This dream tries to warn you about great danger and misfortune in the near future.

Sharks’ teeth

This is a signal you will find the courage to tell your partner about what bothers you. It might also mean you will stand up to your colleagues as well. The dream shows you finally have enough strength and courage for a tough conversation. Time to tell everything in their face.

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Getting bitten by a shark

The interpretation here depends on which part of your body you got bitten. Did she bite your leg? If that is the case, check your health. You are probably postponing visits to the doctor’s office. And there is no reason for panic, but you have to check it.

And if the shark bites your hand or arm, it means enemies lurk for you at work. Probably, your colleagues are trying to make schemes against you. And they want to make you look bad in front of the superiors.

Aggressive shark

As we said many times before, dreams of sharks are often warnings of potential danger. Such is the case with this shark dream meaning. If you see an aggressive shark, one that is attacking someone close to you, it is a sign of insecurity about that person. You are afraid of the well-being of that person in the waking life.

Shark eating you

It is quite different when a shark bites you, and when a shark eats you. In the latter case, that means you feel helpless to get out of the current situation. You have to think of a creative way out. But do not let feelings control the outcome of the situation. You might need to ask for help from friends. Someone you can trust.

Survive a shark attack

When you overpower the shark and survive the attack, the dream is a signal you will fight off worries bothering you. At the moment, you are probably in a tough situation. Do not worry, the end is near. Try to learn something from the situation.

Catching sharks

Catching sharks is not an easy thing to do. Yet, if you see it in your dream, it means a good opportunity will come and change your life. This might be something you have planned for a long time. Or it might be some good luck coming you.

And if you catch a shark in a fishing net, that means you will close the doors on a difficult problem in your waking life.

Baby shark

Baby sharks and other baby animals usually look cute. But seeing a baby shark in your dream might imply problems with managing anger and aggression. Another spiritual meaning is that someone close to you is immature. You might be in the process of growing up as well and will reach maturity soon.

Sharks attacking someone else

When you see sharks attacking other people, and you watch from distance, it is a signal of someone taking credit for your hard work. That makes you feel disappointed and betrayed.

Riding a shark

Riding sharks is another signal that you will overcome difficult situations. You can surf and defeat any issues in your current life. The important takeaway here is that you can control your anger and people trying to hurt you.

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Dead sharks

When you see a dead shark, take it as a signal you will come through the situation you are in right now. You can deal with it. And you might get help from a stranger. In any case, a dead shark is a symbol of success and good health.

Black Shark

According to leading dream psychologist Sigmund Freud, a black shark is a sign of death. It is also a symbol of a dark feeling. It might be time to check your health.

Seeing a black shark should remind you to take care of yourself and prevent diseases and illnesses.

Different sharks in dreams

  • Tiger shark – smaller health issues
  • Zambezi shark – financial gain
  • Great white shark – fights at work or in the family



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