Dreaming of Birds – Symbols of Your Goals and Hopes

Birds in dreams symbolize your goals, aspirations, and hopes in life. When you see birds in your dreams, you can expect harmony and joy to come your way. Birds are a sign of spiritual freedom and psychological liberation. In most cases, dreaming of birds will bring something good. Yet, sometimes, dreams of birds can have a negative impact.

For example, when you dream of birds attacking you, it is a signal of something/someone pulling you in many directions.

On the flip side, when you see a bird egg in your dream, good things will happen. Eggs are a sign of money. So, let’s talk about dreaming of birds and symbolism.

General Meaning of Dreaming of Birds

Generally speaking, we associate birds with peace, messages, communication, and freedom. They also symbolize ideas. Birds can come in different forms, shapes, and colors in your dreams. And that is why we cannot give you one general explanation and definition of the dream.

There are just too many factors to weigh in. But in most cases, the dream carries a message you want to communicate with yourself, your close friends, or with people around you.

As for the colors, here are some quick and common colors we see.

  • Blue birds symbolize love and honesty;
  • Violet birds symbolize meditation and imagination in life;
  •  Red birds symbolize energy, passion, and stability;
  • Yellow birds symbolize fun times ahead;
  • Green birds symbolize balance and communication;
  • Birds in different colors symbolize carefree life and happiness;
  • Black birds symbolize a deep focus on growing yourself.

Biblical Meaning of Dreaming of Birds

Birds are a common symbol in the spiritual world as well. In biblical terms, we associate birds in dreams with the mystery of ourselves.

For starters, because birds fly above us, they give an association between the land and the sky. In the Bible, the bird serves as the messenger of God. Because they are creatures living in the air, they represent our daily grind in life. They connect our grounding work on the land and our hopes of the sky.

Many people believe that a bird in the dream is a message from God, saying that he cares for us. From a biblical perspective, dreaming of birds can indicate an explosion of blessings upon us.

Different Dreams about Birds Scenarios

You are a bird

If you dream of yourself as a bird, it indicates you want to get away from problems and difficulties. At the moment you face a couple of problems, and you want to get away from them. But the dream is a message to confront the problems and deal with them.

Flying with other birds

This flying bird dream is a clear sign of freedom. It also indicates material gains in the near future. Both are positive scenarios.

A pair of birds

When you dream of a pair of birds, expect babies. This dream announces the birth of a child.

Bird unable to fly

There are few and rare occasions of negative bird dreams. This is one of them. It signals you might experience difficulties in the near future.

Birds flying in a closed space

Birds need their freedom. You cannot shackle them in a cage or closed space. This dream shows you that you need to work more for your independence and freedom. You need it.

Same as birds need freedom and desire to be free, this caged bird dream is a symbol of confinement or oppression. So, work on voicing your opinion.

Birds flying over your head

This dream is a clear indication you will defeat opponents in the near future. You might not have any enemies at the moment. But they are there, waiting for their chance to strike. This dream indicates you will come out on top.

Bird eggs

We said in the beginning, for some people, this dream is the most important thing in life. It indicates money coming your way. So hope to see a bird egg in your dreams.

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Bird nest

When you see a bird nest in your dreams, it is a sign of independence and security. But it also indicates opportunities in the near future.

Yet, if you see an empty nest, think carefully. It is a sign of financial difficulties ahead, but you will overcome them.

Bird Poop

When it comes to bird superstitions and symbolism, this is probably the most famous. If you are unfortunate enough to get pooped on by a bird, it is a sign of good luck.

This superstition originates from Russia where it was a sign of good luck. The reason was simple, it was very rare.

And yes, a bird poop dream means news about money or property. So, it brings luck in both waking life and dreams.

Dead birds

If you dream about dying or dead birds, it is a sign of disappointments. You will get disappointed with issues that have troubled you for a while. Dying birds also indicate a situation coming to its end. It is time to move on.

Gold bird

Now, seeing a gold bird in your dream doesn’t mean you will find some gold. But it is a sign of stability, potential, and inner growth. A gold bird dream meaning is you are looking for support to help you reach your goals.

White bird

A white bird flying in your dream is a good sign of things coming your way. We know that a white bird represents freedom and peace. So, seeing one in your dream means it is time to leave the negativity behind.

Black bird

There are many superstitions about birds. Yet, there is some truth to this one. A black bird in your dreams means death, bad news, or change. But in some cases, these birds can symbolize dark aspects of yourself. Try to acknowledge these aspects and work on improving them.

Birds attacking you

If birds attack you in your dream, it is a sign of someone/something pulling you in many directions. The dream represents a conflict with your spirituality.

And in some cases, the dream might present a warning sign of people attacking you.

Different Birds in Your Dreams

Dreaming of birds is hard to interpret. And that is because many factors play a role. We talked about different bird scenarios, but what about different birds? Here are some of the more popular birds that can appear.

Blackbird is a sign of lack of motivation. You are not using your full potential. It is also a sign of jealousy and lust.

Canaries represent happiness and harmony. But they can also represent your desire for a relationship. Take it as a sign that your new relationship blossoms or your next one will.

Chickens symbolize cowardliness and a lack of willpower. You might think of yourself as the chicken in some situations. But it also works as a sign of excessive chatter and gossip. Listen to what people say about you or others.

Crows represent death and the darkest aspect of your character. You might turn to your bad and annoying habits. This bird also brings a message from your unconscious mind. If you kill the crow in the dream, it implies you cannot give up a habit.

Doves symbolize peace, harmony, affection, and tranquility. They are also a sign of innocence. When you see a white dove in your dream, it represents loyalty and love. Some people view doves as a blessing and a message from the Holy Spirit. Most importantly, it is time to let go of your negative thoughts about hate.

Ducks represent your spiritual freedom. They are the connection between the spiritual realm and the physical world. As multi-talented animals, they can walk, swim, and fly. That is why they are also a sign of your flexibility and adjustability.

If you an eagle in your dream, it symbolizes pride, freedom, fierceness, and superiority. Eagles are a symbol of powerful intellectual ability. But they also represent self-renewal. Yet, if you see a chained eagle, take it as a warning sign of a desperate situation where you feel restricted.

Hawks are a symbol of someone/something suspicious. They lurk around you and your activities. Proceed with caution.

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The mockingbird represents cockiness and independence. Alternatively, you can take it as a sign you take credit for the work of others.

If you see an owl, it is a sign of wisdom and insight. You are also expanding your awareness about certain things. The bird sends you a signal of your intuitive senses and psychic power.

Parrots represent the message or gossip conveyed to you. Think twice about sharing the information you get.

Penguins are a sign of problems that look bigger than they are. Take it as a reminder to keep your cool. Remain level-headed.

If you see a raven in your dream, expect betrayal. This bird is a symbol of betrayal, misfortune, death, and disharmony. Nothing good, right? But it can also work as a symbolic death, signaling an end to a habit or phase in your life.



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