Rose Zhang Parents: Who is the Support System Behind the Golf Prodigy?

When discussing the young golf prodigy Rose Zhang, it’s essential to recognize the significant impact her parents have had on her journey to success. Born on May 24th, 2003, Rose is the daughter of Li Cai and Haibin Zhang, who both grew up in Shenyang, China. The couple married and welcomed their first child, Bill, in 1993, before immigrating to the United States and settling in Arcadia, California, where Rose was born.

From a young age, Rose was exposed to golf, beginning to play the sport at the age of nine. Her father Haibin was initially gifted golf equipment by a friend, which Rose used to start delving into the game. Fast forward to today, Haibin serves as his daughter’s part-time caddie, continually supporting her passion for golf. Both of Roze Zhang parents are undoubtedly significant pillars in Rose’s life, as she credits their unwavering support for her ongoing success on the green.

With a strong family foundation, Rose Zhang has been able to reach extraordinary heights in the golf world. Having been ranked twice as the world’s top amateur female golfer during her high school years at Pacific Academy, she already made a big splash in her professional career, winning the Mizuho Americas Open in New Jersey. The 20-year-old golf prospect, also known for her Chinese-American ethnicity, certainly emanates an aura of a rising star in the sport, with her parents—Li Cai and Haibin Zhang—always by her side.

Early Life of Rose Zhang

Family Background

Rose Zhang was born on 24th May 2003 in Arcadia, California. She is the daughter of Haibin Zhang and Li Cai, who grew up in Shenyang, China. The couple married and welcomed their first child, a son named Bill Sida Zhang, in 1993. In 2001, the family immigrated to the United States and settled in Arcadia, California.

Role of Parents in Career

The journey of Rose Zhang into the world of golf began at the age of 9 when she discovered a set of golf clubs gifted to her father by a friend. With unwavering support from both Roze Zhang parents, Rose dived into the sport and quickly showed her potential. Her father, Haibin, played a significant role in her career by becoming her part-time caddie, offering guidance and expertise as she began to compete.

In her early years, Rose attended Pacific Academy and managed to rank twice as the world’s top amateur female golfer while still in high school. Through the encouragement and dedication of her parents, she became a prominent figure in the sport, establishing herself as a talented young golfer with a promising future.

Rose Zhang’s Golf Career

Start in Golf

Rose Zhang began playing golf at the age of 9 after her father, Haibin, received a set of golf equipment as a gift. As Zhang continued to develop her skills and talent, her father started to act as her part-time caddie, providing support during her tournaments.

Amateur Achievements

Throughout her high school years at Pacific Academy, Rose Zhang rose through the ranks, eventually being ranked as the world’s top amateur female golfer twice. Along the way, she earned numerous titles and accolades, showcasing her potential in the world of golf. Her impressive performance led to a successful debut on the professional LPGA Tour, where she won the Mizuho Americas Open, becoming the first player in over seven decades to win on their pro LPGA debut.

Impact of Rose Zhang’s Parents

Support and Influence

Rose Zhang’s parents, Haibin Zhang and Li Cai, have been significant contributors to her success as a golfer. They immigrated to the United States from Shenyang, China, and settled in Arcadia, California in 2001. Their constant encouragement and guidance helped lay the foundation for Rose’s golfing career.

Rose started playing golf at the age of 9, thanks to a gift of golf equipment her father received from his friend. Haibin embraced his daughter’s new-found interest and took on the role of her part-time caddie. He continues to provide support and mentoring throughout her career, even while maintaining his position as Senior Vice President of Quantitative Research Analyst at PIMCO.

Li Cai, Rose’s mother, supports her daughter off the golf course. As a dental technician, Li may not have extensive knowledge about the sport, but her steadfast encouragement and presence at her daughter’s side during competitions demonstrates her unwavering commitment to Rose’s success.

Legacy and Inspirations

Rose Zhang’s family background, with her parents’ humble beginnings in China, their immigration to the United States, and their dedication to their children’s future exemplifies resilience and hard work. This legacy serves as a constant source of inspiration for Rose as she competes at higher levels and seeks to maintain her success.

Her parents, Haibin and Li, along with her older brother, Bill Sida Zhang, have created a strong support system that instilled in Rose a passion for golf and the desire to excel. As a result, she has achieved notable accolades in her young career, including winning the prestigious 2020 US Women’s Amateur Championship.

By following her parents’ example and drawing from their unwavering support, Rose Zhang continues to make her mark in the golfing world and contributes to the legacy they have built together.


Rose Zhang, born on 24th May 2003, is an American professional golfer with an impressive track record. Her parents, Li Cai and Haibin Zhang, originally from Shenyang, China, played crucial roles in her success. They immigrated to the United States in 2001 and settled in Arcadia, California.

As residents of Arcadia, the family nurtured Rose’s talent from a young age. At just 9 years old, she began playing golf with equipment gifted to her father by a friend. Her strong support system also includes her older brother, Bill Sida Zhang, born in 1993.

With her parents’ unwavering dedication, Haibin Zhang even stepped in as Rose’s part-time caddie, providing guidance and encouragement. Apart from her family, Rose also received mentorship from influential figures in the golf world, with her primary coach, Kevin Smeltz, sharpening her skills and developing her talent.

Rose Zhang’s journey in the golf world exemplifies the importance of a supportive and nurturing environment. Her achievements, such as winning the 2020 U.S. Women’s Amateur, the 2022 and 2023 NCAA Division I Championships, and being part of the gold medal team at the 2019 Pan American Games, showcase her exceptional growth and the positive impact of her family’s encouragement.



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