Jordan Clarkson Parents – Get to Know His Diverse Family Background

Jordan Clarkson, a professional basketball player for the Utah Jazz in the National Basketball Association (NBA), has made a name for himself not only in the United States but also in the Philippines. Born on June 7, 1992, Clarkson is of Filipino-American descent, resulting from the diverse backgrounds of Jordan Clarkson parents, Mike Clarkson and Annette Tullao Davis.

Mike Clarkson, Jordan’s father, was a talented boxer who aspired to join the US Olympic Boxing Team in the welterweight category, although he faced an early defeat in his efforts. He later served in the American Air Force, where he met Annette Tullao Davis. Annette, who is of Filipino heritage, is a military staffer who played a crucial role in raising Jordan following her divorce from Mike. Jordan’s upbringing by his mother and maternal grandmother cultivated a strong connection to his Filipino roots, which has significantly influenced his popularity and success in the sports arena.

Early Life of Jordan Clarkson

Jordan Taylor Clarkson, commonly known as Jordan Clarkson, was born on June 7, 1992, in Tampa, Florida, United States. He is the son of Mike Clarkson, an African-American, and Annette Tullao Davis, a Filipina-American. His maternal grandmother, Marcelina Tullao Kingsolver, was from Bacolor, Pampanga, in the Philippines. Jordan’s diverse background has influenced his life and his basketball career.

His parents, Mike and Annette, met while serving in the United States Air Force. They eventually got married, and Jordan became a big brother when the couple had their second son, Bear Clarkson. Unfortunately, Mike and Annette experienced marital troubles and divorced when Jordan was young.

Growing up, Jordan showed a passion for basketball, dedicating countless hours to the sport. His family moved to San Antonio, Texas, before settling in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In Tulsa, Jordan attended Union High School, where he started to display his exceptional basketball skills. His hard work and dedication paid off, not only providing him a solid foundation for his future basketball career but also making him a prominent figure in his school’s athletic scene.

Jordan’s breakout performances as a high school player caught the attention of college basketball coaches, leading him to commit to the University of Tulsa. He played two seasons with the Golden Hurricane before choosing to transfer to the University of Missouri. At Missouri, Jordan continued to shine, eventually declaring for the NBA draft in 2014 after his junior season. The Washington Wizards selected him in the second round, but soon traded him to the Los Angeles Lakers, marking the beginning of his professional basketball journey.

Jordan Clarkson’s early life, marked by a diverse family background and a strong passion for basketball, is part of what shaped him into the successful NBA player he is today, currently playing for the Utah Jazz.

Ancestry and Ethnic Background

Jordan Clarkson, a professional basketball player, has a rich and diverse ancestry that contributes to his unique identity. Born in Tampa, Florida on June 7, 1992, Clarkson’s heritage can be traced back to both African-American and Filipino roots.

His father, Michael Alan “Mike” Clarkson, is of African-American descent. Mike’s lineage plays an essential role in Jordan’s ethnic makeup, making him a prominent figure in the African-American community within the NBA. On the other hand, his mother, Annette Tullao Davis, is of Filipina-American ethnicity. Annette’s background adds an Asian-American aspect to Jordan’s heritage, setting him apart as a multifaceted athlete with a wide range of cultural experiences.

A key figure in understanding Jordan Clarkson’s Filipino lineage is his maternal grandmother, Marcelina Tullao Kingsolver. Marcelina was a native of Bacolor, Pampanga, in the Philippines and her connection to the nation is what ultimately led Jordan to hold dual American and Filipino citizenship. This enables him to proudly represent the Philippines in international events, such as participating in Gilas Pilipinas, showcasing his Filipino heritage.

Jordan’s combined African-American and Filipino ancestry has given him the opportunity to participate in various events celebrating the diverse backgrounds of NBA players, such as the Filipino Heritage Night. This event is dedicated to honoring the achievements of Filipino-American athletes in the league and helps strengthen the bond between the Filipino community and the NBA.

In conclusion, Jordan Clarkson’s unique ethnic background, consisting of African-American and Filipino descent, has contributed significantly to his identity as a player and individual. His family history is a testament to the importance of embracing diverse heritages and celebrating the experiences they bring.

Parents of Jordan Clarkson

Jordan Clarkson parents are Mike Clarkson and Annette Tullao Davis. Both of his parents served in the United States Air Force and have been key supporters of their son’s life and career. Mike and Annette divorced when Jordan was young, and Mike later remarried, tying the knot with Janie Clarkson.

Annette Tullao Davis has Filipino ancestry, as her mother, Marcelina Tullao Kingsolver, was from Bacolor, Pampanga, Philippines. Jordan’s Filipino heritage not only adds to his unique background, but it also plays a significant role in shaping his personal identity.

In their earlier years, Mike Clarkson pursued a career in boxing, specifically as a welterweight fighter, with aspirations to join the US Olympic Boxing Team. However, his ambitions were quickly extinguished as he was defeated in the ring. Turning his focus to parenting, Mike Clarkson played an essential role in shaping Jordan’s upbringing and his eventual success in basketball.

It should be noted that Jordan’s grandmother, Marcelina Tullao, sadly battled stage 4 carcinoma cancer. Seeking the best medical treatment for her, the family turned to the renowned Mayo Clinic, known for its expertise in handling complex medical conditions.

In summary, Jordan Clarkson’s parents, Mike Clarkson and Annette Tullao Davis, as well as his extended family, have significantly contributed to his growth as a basketball player and a person. Their support and diverse heritage have played a considerable role in creating the successful athlete that fans admire today.

Educational Background

Jordan Clarkson, a Filipino-American professional basketball player, began his collegiate journey at the University of Tulsa. He played basketball for two seasons with Tulsa, where he showcased his skills and gained valuable experience in the sport. Despite facing various challenges, Clarkson displayed immense dedication towards his academics and athletic career.

After spending two seasons at the University of Tulsa, Jordan Clarkson decided to transfer to the University of Missouri. This decision proved to be influential in shaping Clarkson’s future as he continued to develop his basketball talents while working towards his degree. At the University of Missouri, he earned second-team all-conference honors in the Southeastern Conference (SEC), a testament to his hard work and commitment.

During his time at both universities, Clarkson balanced his athletic and academic responsibilities, demonstrating great discipline and perseverance. As a student-athlete, he not only excelled on the court but also paid attention to his education, an essential aspect of his overall growth. Jordan Clarkson’s journey through university life has undoubtedly contributed to the successful sportsman he is today.

Starting of Jordan’s Basketball Career

Jordan Clarkson, born on June 7, 1992, to parents Mike Clarkson and Annette Tullao Davis, began his basketball career at a young age. With his father being of African-American descent and his mother being Filipina-American, Jordan boasts a diverse background that has shaped his life in various ways.

He attended high school in San Antonio, where his performance on the basketball court led him to be named the San Antonio High School Player of the Year. Excelling in the guard position, he primarily played as a point guard and a shooting guard, showcasing his prowess in both roles.

After high school, Jordan decided to pursue college basketball. He initially played two seasons for Tulsa before transferring to the University of Missouri. While at Missouri, his exceptional skills and determination earned him second-team all-conference honors in the Southeastern Conference (SEC).

Following a successful college career, Jordan decided to forgo his senior year and declare for the NBA draft. In 2014, Jordan Clarkson entered the NBA as an upcoming talent. Throughout his career in the NBA, he has continued to refine his craft as a guard, playing both point guard and shooting guard positions, depending on the needs of his team.

Jordan’s Filipino descent has also led him to represent the Philippines National Basketball Team (Gilas Pilipinas) in international competitions, further solidifying his status as a proud and talented guard in the world of basketball.

While Jordan Clarkson’s basketball career has been an impressive journey, his strong foundation can be credited to the support and guidance from his parents, Mike Clarkson and Annette Tullao Davis, who continue to play a significant role in his life.

Jordan Clarkson in NBA

Jordan Clarkson began his NBA career when he was drafted by the Washington Wizards in the 2014 NBA draft. Soon after, he was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers, where he made his NBA debut. During his time with the Lakers, Clarkson showcased his potential as a talented NBA player, averaging around 15 points per game (ppg). He quickly gained popularity and was selected for the NBA All-Rookie First Team.

Clarkson was later traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2018. His solid performance continued in Cleveland, where he contributed valuable points per game and played an essential role as a guard off the bench. Although his tenure with the Cavaliers was brief, Clarkson had a memorable time with the team and continued to improve as an NBA player.

In 2019, Clarkson was traded to the Utah Jazz. This move proved highly beneficial for both Clarkson and the Jazz, as his contributions as a sixth man were instrumental in the team’s success. Jordan Clarkson solidified his position as a force to reckon with in the NBA by winning the prestigious NBA Sixth Man of the Year award in the 2020-2021 season.



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