Obstacles to Face in Your First Year as A College Student

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University life is not complete without its rough patches. Situations of students are unique, but there are a few common problems that all students have to deal with at least once in their time at a university. If you are already in senior high, it is not that long before you start moving out and experience things college has to offer. 

However, there is no need for upcoming first-year students to get disheartened. Many other girls in college confront these challenges and conquer them. Here are a few common issues that university students face and how you could solve it for yourself. 

Hardships to Conquer on Your First Year as A College Student

  • Financial Difficulties

A lot of times, students do not have enough money. Schedules in a day are tight enough even to add a few hours of work. Some universities can grant girls scholarships or other hardship assistance in the form of an additional loan or discount. In other cases, institutions do not offer a scholarship, but specific organizations can help with the shortfalls until you can work more. 

Every student should head to the student accounts office to inquire about possible financial aid. However, it is essential not to borrow for a payday loan unless you can pay for it quickly or check the netbank test for installment loans.

  • Missing friends and family back home

You can feel the excitement of having to live and study at your expense. However, without social support, it just a matter of time to find yourself homesick for the people you left behind. You begin to grasp a lot of new perspectives in life, especially for students who live on campus outside their hometown.   

  • Academic challenges

College is pack with many challenges, and it supposes to feel that way. Students, especially first-timers, can have trouble adjusting to university academic expectations. Some do not have the necessary study skills, while a fraction of students do not realize that college requires more study time compared to high school. 

Still, if you learn how to empower yourself and cope up with these challenges, it is never a hindrance to finishing a college degree. After all, these are all preparation that every student need before facing adulthood. 

How to Overcome the Most Common Stressor for College Students – Financial Problem

1. Use any legal opportunities for granting scholarships or student financial assistance.

If your income is not enough to sustain all the expenses, apply for as many scholarships as possible. It may be girls’ scholarship, Australia Awards Scholarship, government scholarship, and the likes. Also, try any means to earn additional income as a part-time worker. There’s a lot of online methods for making extra cash like freelance writing, taking surveys, or anything that you are good at that you can turn into allowance. 

2. Don’t make unnecessary expenses.

The first thing every college student should keep in mind is cutting back on unimportant expenses. It is good to keep track of your expense immediately. Make a list of the stuff you usually spend on, and then ask yourself if it is still necessary to buy these things, or can you already eliminate each to cut you off from additional expenses.  

3. Sell things other students might need.

If you have an item you don’t need or just use once in a year, you can put it up for sale. Use selling platforms like eBay or craigslist. Many people are willing to buy things you don’t need anymore. Also, a better idea is to sell it to your dorm aimed for students under discounted rates. 

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