Your Complete Guide to Using a Skid Steer for Landscaping

Whether you’re the owner of a landscaping company or looking for a way to maintain your own property, a skid steer is an excellent tool. Explore the many tasks you can effectively accomplish with a skid steer and the right skid steer attachments.

Complete Excavation

Pick up a front hoe, auger, bucket and other attachments to dig yourself a new flower bed, pond, or trench for your property. Skid steer excavation equipment comes in a range of sizes and has some serious power, so you’ll be able to break ground for a new shed or fence on your property.

While a skid steer may not have the same lifting power of a tractor, it makes up for it in convenience and maneuverability. Navigate your property or take multiple loads in the same amount of time to keep up with heavier equipment when working on a landscaping project.

Thorough Grading

Uneven ground makes for a poor yard. Level off a building site, backyard or garden with grading equipment. Attach a rake, concrete breaker or other heavy-duty item to level off a site or break apart existing materials. Unlike a tractor, a skid steer is small enough to carefully maneuver around your jobsite for improved efficiency on small and large projects.

A root rake is a great way to till up the soil and break up any difficult roots that are left behind. If you just removed a large stump or are working near a forested section of your property, a root rake is an essential way to prepare the soil for concrete, garden plants or an iconic hardscape.

Efficient Mowing

A skid steer flail mower gives you the power you need to clear a field, slope or other large area. Give your riding mower and brush trimmer a break with this serious cutting tool. Flail mowers come in a variety of sizes and they are all designed to power through long grass, rough brush and difficult areas. The track system of your skid steer gives you plenty of traction for climbing steep hills and navigating uneven fields.

Convenient Rock, Stump and Debris Removal

Large stumps, rocks and other debris can quickly grind your landscaping project to a halt. For a homeowner, this is an inconvenient obstacle, but for a professional landscaper this results in lost time and money. Invest in professional skid steer buckets and effective tree removal equipment for your skid steer.

Choose an all-purpose, grapple or rock bucket to carry away any debris that’s too large for a wheelbarrow. Don’t spend your time lifting piles of rocks or digging out a stubborn stump, but get the tools that power through any obstacle. Stump removal attachments are effective at cutting into and lifting out difficult stumps as you clear the way for your next landscaping project.

Create Your Own Landscaping With These Skid Steer Attachments

Take on the toughest landscaping projects with quality loader fork attachments. Keep your skid steer moving forward with the all-purpose or specialized attachments that allow you to craft the yard, foundation or garden area you or your customer deserves.



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