Nail polish Hacks – 2020 Best Nail-Paint Tips for the Best DIY Manicure

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Applying nail polish to some is not a very easy job as they end up not wearing it perfectly. But again wearing nail polish is an art and one has to practice it may be to make it perfect.

One can wear matte nail polish or gel nail polish; anything that they think they love to wear but one needs to follow a few things to make the nail polish wearing fun, easy and perfect.

Use petroleum jelly for good clean up

It is true that painting inside the lines is actually very hard and so following this hack can make things easier. One can use a cotton swab to rub petroleum jelly on the cuticles of every finger so that it can create a barrier in between the polish and the skin. Once the nail painting is done one can easily wipe off the jelly and all the polish mistakes will be wiped off with that too.

Apply the base coat on the tips

One has to prevent the tips of their painted nails from any kind of premature chipping. Hence it is always a good idea to apply 2 base coat layers; first one on the top half of the nail and the second one to cover the entire nail. One has to start the first layer of the base coat polish on the top part of the nails and let it dry completely. Then the second coat has to be painted all over the nails. This will help the polish to stay longer on the nails.

Apply white nail polish as the base coat

If the nail polish that you are applying is very opaque then one can go for an extra natural tint on their fingernails. If you want to keep the true nail paint colour then you must add a layer of white nail polish as the base and then on top of that apply the colored polish.

Use easy nail art stencils

Do you want some nail art but you are not a pro at it? You can always use some leftover school or office supplies so that you can be a bit creative with the nails. To make half moons on the nails one can use paper hole stickers and for dots also one can use some dot stickers to get the best effects. One can also use the Manish Malhotra collection of nail paints from where one can get glitter polish and other nail art polish and can apply them directly on the nails.

Have a sharp line with a clear tape

Nail stripping can be an easy thing but one might not have them handy all the time. One can use the regular scotch tape instead. One can apply the tape directly on their bare nails or can stick the tape to make some cool shapes on them.

There are plenty of varieties of nail colors available these days. One can buy colors depending on their skin tones or can go entirely vibrant with it.

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