Moving in With Your New Partner: Everything You Need to Consider

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If you are considering moving into a home with your partner, this is a major milestone in a relationship which can add a level of stress.  It doesn’t have to be like this and if this is planned out effectively, the stress does not have to exist.  Financially, this can save people a lot of money but also in terms of relationship commitment, this really is taking things to the next step. When it has been agreed to move to this next stage in the relationship, here are some of the things that should be considered.

Storage of Items

There are potentially going to be multiple similar items when moving in with a partner or there may not actually be enough space to accommodate both peoples items. In these instances, you can choose to either throw items away, ask a friend to store (potentially in a garage) or to use a storage unit.  It would be very brave to immediately throw things away as if things in the relationship unfortunately do not work out as planned and you want to move out, you then will need to potentially purchase a lot of equipment again. 

There are a lot of different storage units in the UK at really cost competitive rates that allow you to be sure that your items are locked away securely.  Safestore have a range of storage units for hire across the UK where you can agree a period that these are to be locked away.   You can also access these items if you require and swap things about – ultimately you are paying for the space of a storage unit in Hackney therefore whatever you put in this area is completely up to you.

Ground Rules

Although you may have spent a lot of time staying in your partner’s home overnight, this is not the same as living there.  You move from being a guest to someone that has responsibilities in the home and need to consider your other half. It may be a good idea to agree some ground rules in order to try and avoid any arguments. This can include:

  • Cleaning rota – One of the biggest arguments partners who live together revolves around cleaning and tidying the house. Some people are lucky enough to employ a cleaner, however, those who rely on each other to ensure that the home is kept clean and tidy may ask that each other takes turns. This can include specific room cleans or even things such as the washing up, clothes washing or ironing.  A visible rota that both people agree to can prove to be a valuable way to avoid an argument.
  • Friends – Both partners will have friends but having them around a lot can also be an area of conflict. If one partner has been working hard all day, the last thing that they may want in their home is their partner’s friends in the home each evening where all they want to do is potentially relax.
  • TV – Believe it or not, there are many actual relationship breaking arguments over the TV.  You may have one person in the relationship looking to watch sports games but the other wanting to watch sports.  A good way around this is to get a TV in another room (like a bedroom) with multi-room capability, in order to make sure that both parties can watch what they want.


It is usually a positive step when two people in a relationship make the decision to move in together but without the correct level of planning and consideration, this could end up not being as positive as they hoped for.  Consider taking some of these pro-active steps for this to be as successful as possible.

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