Spruce Up Your 2021 Dirt Bike Gear

Dirt bike suspension kits, dual-sport grips and other parts aren’t the only investments that can help you take your dirt bike adventures to a higher level. Think gear. From boots to tops and helmets, your gear is what keeps you protected and comfortable. Here’s a look at the items you need and why.

What Kind of Gear Do I Need for Dirt Bike Riding?

1. Helmet

Putting a lid on your head is critical to your safety while riding. A full-face helmet protects your head, face, jaw and chin whether you go over the handlebars while off-road or crash on-road. Retailers carry cutting-edge helmets that incorporate lightweight, super-strong materials and comfort-enhancing designs.

2. Goggles

Unimpeded vision gives you the edge whenever you ride. Keep your eyes free of dirt, dust and other debris with full-coverage goggles that fit your face. Look for oversize options with built-in ventilation systems and comfortable padding. You can also try various lens colors and types to enhance your vision in specific riding or weather conditions.

3. Shirt

Dirt bike shirts or tops offer more abrasion-resistance than streetwear. Some even feature built-in padding. They protect you not only from branches and debris but also from damaging UV rays. For safety, look for a form-skimming shirt that doesn’t bag out or billow behind you. If you wear chest protection underneath your shirt, choose a size that accommodates this type of armor.

4. Gloves

Your hands can take a beating no matter what or where you ride. Accidents, debris and UV rays are just three reasons why you should invest in a pair of gloves. Then there’s the control factor. With state-of-the-art materials and designs, glove manufacturers offer products that give you premium grip and control in all kinds of riding conditions and unexpected scenarios.

5. Pants

Like dirt bike shirts, pants provide protection and comfort when you’re on the bike. If you’ve already got an abrasion-resistant shirt you love, look for a pair of matching pants. If not, browse pants that not only fit but also give you unrestricted movement, wick sweat from your skin, and keep you cool. High-tech, durable and lightweight materials are the norms for most dirt bike pants’ construction.

6. Boots

When you take hits while on the bike or off it, dirt bike boots protect your lower legs, ankles, feet and toes. Choose boots that fit snugly while allowing you to wear a thin sock in cool conditions. Also, look for products that have built-in cushioning and armor as well as significant underfoot grip.

How To Choose the Best Dirt Bike Tires

For some riders, tires are an extension of gear. If you want to add enduro or motocross tires to your annual sprucing up, first refer to your bike manufacturer’s tire recommendations. Then browse retailers’ websites for the brands and models that fit your bike and read manufacturers’ specifications and consumers’ reviews.

Where To Find the Best Dirt Bike Gear and Tires

Check out powersports retailers’ websites today for the best gear and tires on today’s market. Don’t forget to browse specs and reviews for in-depth information and seek out closeouts or specials for budget-friendly bargains!



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