Moving Day: Tips for Moving into Your Dorm

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Going to college is a new chapter in many young people’s lives, and the day of moving in is exciting, but it can also feel stressful too. This guide should help you think about important things to remember when it comes to the big day:

1. Read the Guide

The first step before any move-in is to read the paperwork you are given. Dorms come with rules and regulations about what you can or cannot bring, and you should also be given time slots and any other important info. Make sure to read your guides thoroughly once you receive them, so you know exactly what to expect. You may be given a specific time slot for moving-in, or important information about health and safety. You could also be given info about where to park and nearby supermarkets, which can save you time looking these things up later.

2. Getting There

If you are getting there by car, you should try to pack your items in easy-to-carry boxes and storage bins. Remember to think about where you’re going to park on the day. You might need a parking pass or have to park in a short stay bay to unload then move your car, so factor this into your budget and schedule.

Travelling using public transport will mean that you’re have to explore the ticket options on offer, as well as the timetables. You also need to make sure that you can take all of your belongings on the bus, plane or train, and if necessary pay for extra baggage allowance, or use a service like

3. Bring Your Family or Friends

While you might be looking forward to your new independent dorm-life, enlisting the help of your family can make moving-in a much quicker process. Getting unpacked and set up is much easier when you have an extra pair of hands helping you. You are bound to make new friends once everyone has moved in, but it’s nice to have a familiar face to help you get settled in.

4. Packing the Essentials

It is tempting to bring the entire contents of your bedroom with you, but realistically, you just won’t have the space. Make sure you double check the dorm-guide, so you don’t bring anything you’re not allowed, and so you don’t forget about anything too. Different dorms provide slightly different things, so make sure you have got everything with you that you need. Making a list of what you absolutely want to bring will help you figure out how much stuff you are taking. Don’t forget the useful things too, like a toolkit in case of emergencies.

Packing the car up the night before will save you time, and you can see how well everything fits before you start your journey. Some things can be ordered or reserved to a store nearby, so you don’t have to squeeze in your bulky items amongst the rest of your belongings.

5. Arriving Early

You may have to stick to a certain ‘check-in’ time when it comes to actually moving-in, but that doesn’t mean you can’t travel down early. If you are traveling a long distance, it can be nice to get there a few days in advance, so you have chance to explore the city first. It means you will have less traveling to do on the day of move-in, so you can save your energy for unpacking and meeting new people.

Remember to dress comfortably too – it will be a busy day, but something to look forward to. Good luck!

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