Kathryn Newton Parents: Exploring Their Influence on Her Career

Kathryn Newton, a talented actress known for her roles in films such as Lady Bird and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, hails from a unique family background that has contributed to her success. Born in Orlando, Florida, Newton is the only child of Robin Newton and David Newton. Her mother Robin works as an airline pilot, while her father David is a businessman. The two have been supportive of their daughter’s pursuits, nurturing both her acting and golfing passions.

Growing up on a golf course, Kathryn developed a love for the sport at an early age, with her parents encouraging her to participate in golf tournaments from as young as eight years old. In addition to her athletic endeavors, the Newton family’s love for the arts played a significant role in Kathryn’s pursuit of acting. Her mother was by her side when she landed her first acting role, and her father fostered a strong bond with her through their shared enjoyment of golf.

Although Kathryn Newto parents come from professional backgrounds, they raised their daughter in a typical family environment. This upbringing helped to shape the talented and grounded actress that Kathryn is today, as she continues to make a name for herself both on and off the screen.

Early Life

Kathryn Newton was born on February 8, 1997, in Los Angeles, California. She is the only child of her parents, Robin and David Newton. Her father, David, graduated from the University of Colorado and was once a proficient golfer, with a plus 2 index. He even tried his hand at golfing in pro arms in Florida. David Newton’s father, Howard Keith Newton, has Welsh roots, which further connects the family to Welsh ancestry.

Kathryn’s mother, Robin, has been a constant support throughout her career. While not much is known about her professional background, she has played a vital role in nurturing Kathryn’s talents and aspirations since childhood.

Kathryn’s family was settled in Orlando, Florida, before moving to California. From a young age, she displayed a keen interest in golf. At the age of eight, she began participating in golf tournaments, following in her father’s footsteps. Besides her love for golf, Kathryn harbored dreams of becoming a Broadway star, showcasing her diverse interests and talents.

Kathryn Newton parents’ unwavering support and commitment helped shape her into the successful actress and golfer she is today. Kathryn attended Notre Dame High School in Los Angeles, where she was a part of the girls’ golf team. The team won three league championships, and Kathryn routinely shot in the 70s during competitions. Her lowest 18-hole score in a tournament was an impressive 69.

In summary, Kathryn Newton’s early life in California was shaped by the love and support of her parents, Robin and David Newton. Their dedication allowed her to pursue her passions in both golf and acting, setting the foundation for her versatile and successful career.

Education Background

Kathryn Newton was born to Robin and David Newton on February 8, 1997, in Los Angeles. Being an only child, her parents played a significant role in her upbringing and nurtured her interests in acting and golf.

Regarding their own education, David Newton graduated from the University of Colorado. During his time at the university, David excelled in golf and managed to achieve a plus 2 index. He even tried playing golf professionally in Florida pro arms, where he was able to win tournaments and earn prizes.

As for Kathryn’s education, she attended Notre Dame High School, which provided her with a solid academic foundation. This institution is known for its excellent academic programs and commitment to a well-rounded education, which would prove beneficial for Kathryn’s future career pursuits.

Although not specifically mentioned in the search results, it is possible that Robin Newton attended the University of Southern California. This renowned institution graduates some of the brightest stars in various industries, and it is plausible that Robin studied a field related to her daughter’s interests.

Thus, the Newton family has an impressive educational background that spans across different disciplines and institutions, such as Notre Dame High School, the University of Colorado, and potentially, the University of Southern California.

Beginnings in Acting

Kathryn Newton’s acting journey began at a young age, with support from both of her parents. Interestingly, her mother Robin Newton played a significant role in Kathryn’s early acting days. The talented young actress made her debut in the widely acclaimed soap opera “All My Children.” This opportunity provided her with a solid foundation in the world of acting, allowing her to hone her skills and grow as a performer.

As a child actress, Kathryn attended auditions for a variety of roles. Her dedication and hard work paid off, as she began to land more prominent parts in films and television series. Over the years, she has delivered remarkable performances, earning her nominations and accolades for her work. Notably, Kathryn received a Young Artist Award nomination for her role in the TV series “Gary Unmarried.”

With each role, Kathryn Newton’s acting prowess grew, creating a strong foundation for her future in the entertainment industry. As a product of her external environment, she adapted to the challenges and thrived. Her parents, Robin and David Newton, ensured that Kathryn was nurtured and supported throughout her journey, playing a significant role in her success.

Kathryn’s exemplary career progressed as a direct result of her talent, determination, and the unwavering support of her parents. The young actress persevered, taking on diverse and challenging roles that continued to showcase her unique abilities. Today, she is recognized as a rising star in the acting world, thanks to her initial beginnings on the soap opera “All My Children” and the ongoing support of her parents.

Prominent Roles

Kathryn Newton is a renowned American actress who has made a mark in Hollywood with her versatile portrayals. One of her standout performances is in the role of Abigail Carlson, Reese Witherspoon’s on-screen daughter, in the critically acclaimed HBO series, Big Little Lies.

Newton’s acting career took off with the role of Louise Brooks in the television series Gary Unmarried. This set the stage for appearances in other shows like Supernatural and The Society. In Supernatural, she portrayed the character Claire Novak, while in The Society, she took on the part of Allie Pressman, a young woman adapting to life in an alternate universe with her other classmates.

Kathryn has also made impressive strides on the big screen. She acted in the comedy-drama film Lady Bird, where she played the recurring character Lucy. Her big-screen portfolio further includes roles in movies such as Bad Teacher, Ben Is Back, Detective Pikachu, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, and Blockers. Particularly noteworthy is her performance in Pokémon Detective Pikachu, where she portrayed the character Ivy Burns.

Upcoming projects for Newton include her reprising her role as Cassie Lang in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. Fans are excited to see her character mature and transform within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Another notable performance by Kathryn Newton is in the Amazon Prime movie The Map of Tiny Perfect Things, where she stars as the main character Margaret. This demonstrates her ability to be the leading lady in a feature film and showcases her versatility as an actress.

Collaborations and Co-Stars

Throughout her career, Kathryn Newton has had the opportunity to work with a variety of talented actors, sharing screen time with notable co-stars in a number of projects. One of her prominent collaborations is with Reese Witherspoon in the critically acclaimed HBO series, Big Little Lies (2017-2019). The show garnered numerous accolades, and Kathryn’s portrayal of Abigail Carlson, Witherspoon’s on-screen daughter, was widely praised.

In the upcoming science fiction film, “The Adam Project,” Kathryn will be teaming up with A-listers Ryan Reynolds and Mark Ruffalo. As an eagerly anticipated movie, this collaboration is expected to further solidify Newton’s status as one of Hollywood’s rising stars.

Kathryn has also shared the screen with Lucas Hedges in the 2018 dramedy, “Ben Is Back.” The film showcases her remarkable acting range, as she plays the sister of a young man struggling with addiction. Newton and Hedges effectively portrayed a dynamic sibling relationship, reflecting their chemistry as co-stars.

As for Vince Vaughn, Kathryn Newton shared screen time with him in the 2020 comedy horror film, “Freaky.” The movie is a unique blend of genres and follows a high school student (Newton) and a deranged serial killer (Vaughn) as they unintentionally swap bodies.

Lastly, another notable collaboration in Newton’s career is with Paul Rudd, who appeared in an arc of the CBS series “Gary Unmarried” (2008-2010). Rudd’s guest role allowed for engaging plotlines and character interactions, including scenes with Newton, who played Louise Brooks in the show.

Overall, these collaborations highlight Kathryn Newton’s versatile acting talents and her ability to work alongside well-established actors in a variety of genres.


Kathryn Newton has an impressive filmography, showcasing her talent in both films and television series. One of her notable roles is in the acclaimed film Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. The movie earned widespread recognition and awards for its storytelling and performances, further cementing Kathryn’s place in the industry.

In addition to her work in films, Kathryn has appeared in various television projects, including a recurring role in the popular streaming series on Netflix. She also made a mark on CBS, showcasing her versatility as an actress across different platforms and genres.

Kathryn’s filmography also includes a mix of short films, demonstrating her ability to capture the essence of a character even in a limited time frame. Her dedication to her craft is evident in the range of roles she has embodied over the years.

A recent addition to Kathryn Newton’s filmography is her role as Cassie Lang in the much-anticipated Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. This role has garnered considerable attention, and fans eagerly await her performance as the heroine in this action-packed adventure.

In summary, Kathryn Newton’s filmography is diverse and expansive, covering a wide array of films, television projects, and even short films. With her continuous growth as an actress and her upcoming role in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, Kathryn shows no signs of slowing down in her thriving career.



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