How Your E-Commerce Business Can Be More Appealing to Customers

When it comes to making a business more appealing to potential customers, you are going to want to make sure that you have the best start possible. You’ll want to get your business ‘out there,’ and ideally, you want it to not only stay ‘out there’ but keep growing as well. This, as you might have guessed, is a lot easier said than done, so to get you started, here are some top tips on how you can make your e-Commerce business appeal to more customers, including your existing ones.

Think about gifts to customers

First off, you are going to want to invest in some custom swag. Whether it is custom made socks, hats, shirts, or even something like a water bottle, you are going to want something that is a little bit more than just a thank you note. Custom swag not only gives you publicity every time your customer uses the item of clothing or product that you gave them, but it also gives them more of an incentive to buy again. Everyone likes a pleasant surprise, and it might be well worth your time investing in custom swag to help your customers return in the hopes of getting something else free.

Customer rewards service

Customer rewards services are a little different from custom swag. Yes, you could combine them, but if your customers spent over fifty dollars at your company, they might not appreciate just a pair of socks. They might want something a little different or something more additional, like a discount. Having loyalty points and giving them discounts might be a great way to help customers come back for more and encourage them to spend more, too. This can be great news for your business and can help you rake in the customers, too.

Choose a Service model

Finding the right service model for you is crucially important to your website, as it will essentially decide how your customers interact with your business. You can choose either a more relational-based service model or a transactional one. Their names are very self-explanatory: relational based service models are ones that focus on building a relationship with the client and encourage customers to return, whereas a transactional service model is far more interested in the amount of money that the business can make per customer per visit, and isn’t so pressed about building long-term relationships. To put it into an analogy, relational service models are taken on more by coffee shops and beauty stores, whereas transactional service models are more like tool stores and car dealerships.

To wrap things up

Making your e-Commerce business more appealing is a lot harder than it looks. But by focusing on the right areas, you will be able to make the most out of your website and business to help you stay at the front of your customers’ minds. You can do this by figuring out your preferred service model, thinking about a customer reward system, and thinking about customer swag to help bring that little bit extra publicity that will help you bring in more customers.



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