Everything You Should Know About New York Short-Term Disability Benefits

According to numbers, around 19 percent of the population in the United States of America is composed of people with disabilities. It accounts for around 50 million people, this makes them the largest minority group in America, as stated by the National Disability Institute. 

People with disabilities face a tough time in their life due to financial instability, poor health condition, and extra costs incurred due to their physical disability condition. However, government-run policies in America help these people by offering them several benefits.

The New York short-term disability benefits under the Disability Benefits Law is one such program that covers its citizens with disability.

What are New York’s short-term disability benefits?

The Disability Benefits Law (DBL) in New York enables disabled citizens to enjoy some perks. The disability benefits in NY can be short-term or long-term. Pregnancy is also covered under these benefits. 

You can get these benefits if you get injured or ill while not on the job. Although the benefits are restricted in amount, and number of payments, they proffer some financial support to you when you can’t work for a short duration of time. 

The eligibility criteria for short-term disability benefits

If you get injured or ill while not at work, you are eligible for New York’s short-term disability benefits; however, you must be employed at the time of injury or illness. 

The employees covered under these benefits include:

    • An employee working or who has recently worked for 4 consecutive weeks at a job under a covered employer. 
    • Employees who move from one covered employer to another, given that they are continuously employed. The coverage of the policy starts from your first day of work. 
    • Employees who aren’t employed by a covered employer, but opt for voluntary coverage.
  • Domestic workers who work for forty hours or more for one employer. 

How to claim short-term disability benefits? 

  • If you get disabled and qualify for disability benefits, file for a claim within 30 days of getting disabled. 
  • If you are employed or are unemployed but receiving unemployment benefits for less than 4 weeks at the time disability began, fill form DB-450. You can get the DB-450 form from your employer. 
  • If you are unemployed and collecting unemployment benefits for more than four weeks at the time you got disabled, file a DB-300 form. You can get the form from the local Workers’ Compensation Board.

The forms contain two sections about disability, out of which one needs to be filled by you and another one needs to be filled by your doctor. Also, you need to provide medical evidence of your disability to get the benefits. 

If you are employed or unemployed for less than four weeks, your employer needs to fill an additional section provided in the form. 

What to expect from disability benefits in NY?

Disability benefits in New York pay 50 percent of your average wages. The benefits can reach up to $170 per week. Benefits begin on the eighth consecutive day out of work. The first week is considered an unpaid waiting period. The benefits are provided for a limited period, i.e. 26 weeks in 52 weeks. Payment is provided every 2 weeks. 

Disability benefits for pregnancy 

Pregnant women are covered for 6 weeks after having a normal pregnancy, while 8 weeks after a C-section (there are different provisions for complications). The post-childbirth benefits are similar to disability benefits. This policy does not cover medical costs. 


Disabled individuals compromise on various aspects of their life, entailing their health and income. By covering these individuals, disability benefits in New York help give them a fair fighting chance and essential support and care. 

If you are in a situation where you need to avail of these benefits or if you know someone who might benefit from this, use the above information to move ahead with your decision.




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