How to Make the Most of a Temporary Power Outage at Home

Unexpected power outages will happen for most homeowners at one point or another. Whether due to natural causes like bad weather, a generator issue, or scheduled maintenance on your street, normally these instances don’t last for too long and power companies will make it their priority to fix the problem as soon as possible. However, just because you don’t have electricity for a few hours doesn’t mean every chance at fun and entertainment goes out the window.

In fact, there are many exciting things you can do during a power outage to pass the time, taking advantage of the opportunity to use this rare occurrence for your benefit. Check out below some sure-fire ways to never grow bored even with limited lighting.

Blow through your TBR stack

If you love to read, chances are you have a high TBR (To be read) stack of books piling up in some area of your home. These titles have been staring you in the eyes for months begging to be read, but because things like television and Wi-Fi exist, you’re occupied by your mobile phone and haven’t exactly gotten around to it. If this sounds like you, a power outage could be the perfect time to get comfortable and cozy with a novel that’s been on your list.

If you have a fireplace or candles nearby, utilize these resources and create a dimly lit space so you can easily see the words on the page. Even if you’re not a huge reader, there’s undoubtedly got to be some type of written content in your house that could keep you entertained. You may be surprised how many short books or magazines you’ll be able to plunge through if you don’t have many other distractions.  

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Reading in front of the fireplace is an ideal way to pass the time when you lose electricity

Learn a new skill with things you have on hand

You may be wondering how you could possibly learn something new without the internet to teach you. Well, if you’re stuck inside during a power outage with friends, relatives, or even strangers, you can use this time to discover their unique skills and talents while sharing some of your own. Just start by taking a survey of the house and collect items that could come in handy. For example, old mop heads could be used for a macrame class, spare polish for a lesson in nail painting, or a deck of cards for a round of poker. Who knows- maybe you’ll end up with a masterful poker player who can teach you the rules behind all the unique variants that exist today, or an experienced artist that can lead you through a DIY macrame project. Chances are if you take advantage of the minds around you, you’ll leave the power outage smarter than you came into it. Just light a few candles and get to learning!

Write a letter to someone you miss

You may not have all the item on your wish list to keep you busy and entertained during an unexpected power outage, but most homes have pen and paper laying around somewhere. Use these supplies to write a letter to someone you’ve been meaning to contact. Even if they live close by, they’ll be touched that you thought of them in such a deeply personal way. Maybe you could even tell them about your crazy power outage experience!

Tell scary stories

What better setting to tell scary stories than in the middle of a power outage without light! If you have a flashlight on hand, stick it under your face in the dark as you recount spooky ghost tales that will have your friends running for the hills.

Have a dance party

After you’ve already completed all of the above, why not laugh off the boredom with a friendly dance party? Who may not have electricity, but who said you needed music to move your body? If you’re experiencing the outage with friends, grab their hands and jump all around and through your house. After all, dance parties are automatically more fun with the lights off.



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