How Did Faye Die? Revealing the Secret of God of War Ragnarok!

God of War Ragnarok has crafted an intricate narrative filled with intriguing characters and tantalizing mysteries. One mystery that continues to elicit speculation among fans revolves around Faye, the wife of Kratos, and mother to Atreus. The question ‘how did Faye die’ remains unanswered, even though her death sets the stage for the epic journey Kratos and Atreus undertake. This article delves into the theories and possible explanations behind Faye’s demise.

Among war games, God of War Ragnarok is definitely the most interesting to play. Set in Norse mythology, it offers players plenty of intrigue, mystery, and entertainment.

Faye: The Enigma and the Catalyst

Faye, despite her limited on-screen presence, has a profound impact on the narrative. Fayes death is the catalyst that sets Kratos and Atreus on their epic journey across the nine realms. Faye is more than just a wife and mother; she is a warrior, a guide, and an enigma whose past and motives shape the entire storyline.

Faye’s character is unveiled gradually through flashbacks, and her influence on the narrative is evident even after her death. Her teachings, her love for her family, and her connection to the Jotuns play a significant role in the progression of the story.

Theories Surrounding Faye’s Death

The cause of Faye’s death remains unstated in the game, leading to intense speculation among fans. The theories range from natural causes to fatal wounds sustained in battle. Here are some of the most compelling theories that attempt to answer the question: how did Faye die?

Theory 1: Death by Illness

One of the prevalent theories posits that Faye died of a terminal illness. Evidence supporting this theory comes from Atreus’ observations that his mother seemed unwell and unusually quiet before her death. This theory suggests that Faye might have succumbed to a mysterious disease, a common trope in many narratives.

Theory 2: Fatal Wounds from Battle

Faye, being a formidable warrior herself, might have sustained fatal wounds in a battle. There are hints that point towards a possible confrontation with Thor, the God of Thunder. A frozen lightning bolt found in Vanaheim suggests that Faye might have battled Thor there, sustaining injuries that eventually led to her death.

Theory 3: A Combination of Illness and Battle Wounds

Yet another theory suggests that both the above theories might hold true. Faye could have been battling the forces of Odin, sustaining injuries that she concealed from her family. Over time, these injuries could have led to a fatal illness, causing her untimely demise. This theory paints a picture of a warrior who fought bravely till the end, making the ultimate sacrifice for her family and her realm.

Faye’s Influence on the Journey of Kratos and Atreus

Faye’s death is not just a plot device; it is a turning point in the lives of Kratos and Atreus. Her final wish, to have her ashes scattered from the highest peak of all realms, sets them on a journey that changes them irrevocably.

Faye’s foresight and wisdom play a crucial role in guiding Kratos and Atreus on their journey. Her teachings and values shape Atreus’ worldview and his understanding of his place in the world. Moreover, her history as a Jotun and her ability to glimpse into the future come as shocking revelations to Kratos and Atreus, adding a deeper layer to her character.

Faye’s Ultimate Goal

Faye’s ultimate objective transcends personal gain or family ties. She envisions Kratos as a god of peace, admired and revered not out of fear but for his actions. She also desires for Atreus to accept his identity as Loki while remaining true to himself.

Faye’s vision is not just for her family, but for the realms as a whole. She aspires to restore balance and bring peace, and her death is the catalyst that sets these events in motion.


The question ‘how did Faye die’ remains shrouded in mystery, with only fan theories and speculation to fill the void. Her death, however, is a pivotal event that shapes the narrative of God of War Ragnarok. Her influence on Kratos and Atreus, her vision for the realms, and her ultimate goal form a crucial part of the narrative. Faye’s death may have set the events of the game in motion, but her legacy lives on through her teachings and the love she shared with her family.



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