Hodgetwins Parents: Unraveling Their Family Background

The HodgeTwins, Kevin and Keith Hodge, are well-known for their YouTube content, stand-up comedy, and conservative political commentary. Born on September 17, 1975, in Martinsville, Virginia, the twins grew up in a family of four children. Their parents, Raish and Christine, were devoted to the American dream but struggled financially, which proved to be a challenge for the entire family.

Raised in Virginia, the Hodge Twins experienced difficulty consistently having enough food for the family due to their parents’ financial limitations. This situation caused them to resort to shoplifting to obtain necessary nourishment. Despite these struggles, HodgeTwins parents’ efforts left a lasting impression on the twins as they embarked on their journey to success.

With two elder siblings, the HodgeTwins were the youngest in the family. Their older sister, Rosalyn Hodge Kidd, and an older brother contributed to the family dynamic, shaping the HodgeTwins’ upbringing. Unfortunately, their mother passed away in 2013, but the twins continue to carry the values and lessons from their parents as they navigate their careers and personal lives.

Early Life

Birth and Twinhood

Kevin and Keith Hodge, best known as the Hodgetwins, are American twin brothers born on September 17, 1975, in Martinsville, Virginia. The twins grew up as the youngest of four kids in their family.

Parents and Family

The Hodgetwins were raised by their parents, Virginia natives Christine Hodge and Raish Lee Hodge. Their family faced financial challenges, and providing food for the entire family was not always possible. It sometimes forced the twins to shoplift to get enough food to eat. Despite the hardships, they were raised with traditional American values.

Their older siblings, a brother and a sister, have managed to stay out of the public eye.


After completing high school, the Hodgetwins pursued higher education at the American Intercontinental University. They were diligent students, dedicated to expanding their horizons and pursuing opportunities that would be afforded to them through obtaining their degrees.

Military Service

The Hodgetwins enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, following their education. The experience instilled in them strong discipline, camaraderie, and a sense of duty and loyalty. Their time in the Marine Corps helped shape their personal values and convictions, ultimately influencing their future careers.

Personal Life

Both Kevin and Keith Hodge are married, although the details of their wives and children remain private. They often use their personal experiences in relationships to provide advice and support to their fans through various platforms. Their content covers a wide range of topics including relationship issues, fitness, and personal anecdotes. The twins have consistently maintained a neutral and clear point of view, making their content relatable and informative for viewers. There is also scarce information about the HodgeTwins parents.

The Hodgetwins Journey

YouTube Start

The Hodgetwins, Kevin and Keith Hodge, began their journey into the media spotlight in the late 2000s with their first YouTube channel. As twin brothers, they quickly gained subscribers and attention due to their unique humor and personal chemistry. Initially, their content creation focused primarily on fitness and health advice.

Different Channels

Over time, the Hodgetwins diversified their content by creating multiple YouTube channels in different niches. Some of these channels include TwinMuscle, AskHodgetwins, and Hodgetwins Vlogs. Through these channels, the Hodgetwins were able to grow their social media presence exponentially, becoming widely recognized as social media stars.

Rise in Popularity

As their channels grew in subscribers and views, the Hodgetwins expanded their content offering to cater to their diverse fan base. They also began leveraging their comedic personalities, which helped them gain an even larger following. With each passing year, the Hodgetwins continued to amass a significant number of fans across their various channels.

Transition to Comedy

Realizing their potential in comedy, the Hodgetwins transitioned from creating fitness and health-related content to focusing on comedy videos. They took on improv comedy and eventually entered the world of live stand-up comedy shows. Their charisma and wit translated well into American stand-up comedy, and they soon established themselves as accomplished comedians.

Turn to Politics

In recent years, the Hodgetwins have taken a turn into the realm of politics, adopting the moniker “Conservative Twins”. They have become notable political commentators, discussing topics such as the presidency of Joe Biden and other current events. Their transition into political commentary has added yet another layer to their extensive media presence and solidified them as influential voices in the online landscape.

Beyond YouTube

Fitness Ventures

The Hodgetwins, known for their YouTube careers, have also ventured into the fitness world. The duo started their journey by sharing fitness and health tips on their channel, which gained traction among their viewers. They used their platform to inspire and motivate their audience to transform their physical health and well-being. This venture into fitness has added to their financial success, as they have not only expanded their online presence but also diversified their revenue streams.

Television and Film Projects

The Hodgetwins have also explored opportunities in the television and film industry. They appeared on the popular podcast and YouTube show, “The Fighter and the Kid,” which is hosted by former UFC fighter Brendan Schaub and comedian Bryan Callen. Their participation in the show gained further exposure for the Hodgetwins, solidifying their fame outside the world of YouTube. Moreover, they have worked on other film projects, showcasing their versatility and adaptability in various entertainment domains.

Live Shows

In addition to their online and television appearances, the Hodgetwins have performed live shows, engaging with their fans in a more personal and interactive way. Their live performances have served as an additional source of income, while also enabling them to maintain a close relationship with their ever-growing fan base. These live events, such as their appearance at VidCon 2016, have helped them expand their reach and solidify their popularity among different audiences.

Merchandise and Online Store

As with many successful YouTubers, the Hodgetwins have capitalized on their fame by launching their merchandise line and an online store. They offer a variety of products, including apparel, accessories, and supplements, allowing fans to support their favorite YouTubers and showcase their loyalty. This merchandise venture has also contributed to their overall net worth, increasing their financial success while also serving as a testament to the power of their personal brand.



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