Allisen Corpuz Parents: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Golf Prodigy’s Support System

Allisen Corpuz, born on March 20, 1998, has emerged as a top American professional golfer, making her mark on the LPGA Tour. Hailing from a diverse background, she was born in Hawaii and attended the Punahou School in Honolulu. At a young age, she gained recognition as a golf prodigy and became a three-time AJGA All-American, demonstrating her immense talent and dedication to the sport.

A significant contributing factor to her success comes from her supportive and sports-oriented family. Her father, Marcos Corpuz, originally from Ilocos Norte in the Philippines, and her mother, May Corpuz, from South Korea, have played an essential role in shaping Allisen’s life and career. Interestingly, it was her father, an avid golfer himself, who introduced Allisen to the sport she now thrives in.

While Allisen’s career continues to grow and impress on the world stage, her journey pays homage to her multicultural roots and the influence of her parents, both of whom have helped create the foundation for her remarkable achievements in the world of professional golf. Do you want to know more about Allisen Corpuz parents? Let’s find out.

Early Life

Family Background

Allisen Corpuz is a talented professional golfer who was born to a Filipino father, Marcos Corpuz, and a Korean mother, May Corpuz. The Corpuz family hails from Honolulu, Hawaii. Marcos is from the Ilocos Region of the Philippines, while May comes from South Korea. Allisen is not the only child in the family; she has an older brother named George Son Corpuz, who is also a golf enthusiast and an inspiration for her journey from being an amateur to a professional golfer.

Interest in Golf

Allisen Corpuz’s passion for golf was evident from a young age. She started playing the sport as early as 2008 when she was just in elementary school. Corpuz attended the Punahou School in Honolulu, where she was heavily involved in the school’s golf program. Her talent shone through as she consistently performed well in various golf tournaments.

Her father, Marcos, is also an avid golfer, which further fueled her interest in the sport. Allisen’s impressive skills led her to participate in numerous prestigious competitions, such as the Hawaii State High School Championship and the Asia Pacific Junior Cup. By the time she graduated from Punahou School, she had already made a name for herself as a promising young golfer.

Academic Life

University of Southern California

Allisen Corpuz, an American golfer with Filipino and Korean roots, pursued her higher education at the prestigious University of Southern California (USC). As a USC student, she consistently showcased her strong academic and athletic abilities. Corpuz was an exemplary student-athlete, balancing her commitments on the golf course with her dedication to academics.

During her time at USC, Corpuz was a valuable member of the Trojan women’s golf team, earning accolades for her performance while representing the university at various tournaments. Additionally, her time at USC provided her with opportunities to grow as a person and forge lasting connections within the golfing community.

After completing her undergraduate studies, Corpuz decided to further her education by pursuing a master’s degree in global supply chain management. This program allowed her to hone her analytical and strategic thinking abilities. Along with her master’s degree, Corpuz also earned graduate certificates in business analytics and sustainability and business. These specialized programs demonstrated her commitment to expanding her knowledge base and staying informed about emerging trends in the business world.

In summary, Allisen Corpuz’s time at the University of Southern California not only helped her develop her golfing skills but also fostered a strong foundation in academics. Her versatile expertise, ranging from global supply chain management to business analytics and sustainability, speaks to her dedication and determination to succeed in multiple areas of her life.

Amateur Career


Allisen Corpuz, an accomplished golfer, has an impressive amateur career. At a young age, she made a significant impact in the world of golf. Corpuz participated in the U.S. Women’s Amateur Public Links and several other prestigious events during her amateur days.

At the age of 10, Corpuz became the youngest player to qualify for the U.S. Women’s Amateur Public Links Championship, which caught the attention of media outlets like The New York Times. Corpuz’s talent allowed her to compete on iconic courses such as Pebble Beach. Even during her young years, she played alongside notable golf names like Michelle Wie.

In her later amateur years, Corpuz became a member of the Curtis Cup team, representing the United States in several golf events. She showcased her abilities as part of the USC Trojans golf team, where she further honed her skills and gained valuable experience.

A key moment in Corpuz’s amateur career was her runner-up performance at the USGA event. Despite losing to rising star Rose Zhang, her skills and determination continued to shine. Originating from the Philippines, Corpuz stands out among talented Filipino golfers, contributing to her country’s increasing presence in the golf world.

Corpuz has connections with prominent personalities. She met former President Barack Obama during the Hawaii State Open. On the amateur circuit, she earned recognition from the AJGA Wyndham Cup and participated in numerous USGA championships and Arnold Palmer Cup events.

Throughout her amateur career, Corpuz received multiple accolades, including AJGA All-American honors and victories in AJGA majors. All of these accomplishments helped her solidify her spot on the Curtis Cup team, where she continued to excel before turning professional in 2021.

In conclusion, Allisen Corpuz’s amateur career achievements speak to her talent, dedication, and potential as she embarked on her journey in the world of professional golf.

Professional Career

Entering Pro

Allisen Corpuz started her journey in professional golf at a young age. She made history as the youngest qualifier for the U.S. Women’s Open at just 10 years old. Corpuz continued to improve her golf skills by participating in flight school and various amateur events. After a successful amateur career, she decided to turn pro in 2020.

LPGA Tour Membership

In her pursuit to join the LPGA Tour, Corpuz competed in the 2020 LPGA Q-Series at Pinehurst Resort. She successfully earned her LPGA Tour card, granting her membership for the upcoming season. In the 2022 LPGA Tour season, Corpuz demonstrated incredible performance by making 17 cuts, solidifying her position as a dedicated and talented professional golfer.

As a new member of the LPGA Tour, Corpuz became a part of Team Ping, benefiting from their sponsorship and support. Her success in the American professional golf scene also earned her a spot in the Rolex Rankings, where she reached 41st in the rankings.

Achievements and Challenges

In her professional career, Allisen Corpuz faced numerous challenges, but she used these as opportunities for growth. Corpuz competed in the 2020 U.S. Women’s Open and the 2022 ISPS Handa World Invitational, where she had a runner-up performance. Other notable tournaments she participated in include the LPGA Lotte Championship and the LPGA Q-Series.

Despite facing fierce competition from talented golfers such as Charley Hull and Jiyai Shin, Corpuz continued to excel and cement her place in the professional golf world. Her participation in the Curtis Cup and receiving a spot in the World Amateur Golf Rankings only served to strengthen her growing reputation.

Though her exact net worth is unknown, Corpuz’s consistent performance in various tournaments throughout her career undoubtedly contributes to her financial success.

Overall, Allisen Corpuz’s professional career demonstrates dedication, skill, and the ability to overcome challenges. Her achievements in the LPGA Tour, Curtis Cup, and World Amateur Golf Rankings prove her competence as an American professional golfer, and she is expected to reach new heights in the coming years.

Endorsements and Sponsorship

Allisen Corpuz, a talented American professional golfer, has attracted the attention of several well-known brands seeking partnerships. With her skill, dedication, and breakthrough victory at the 2023 US Women’s Open, it’s no surprise that companies like Adidas and Vans are eager to collaborate with the rising golf star.

Adidas, a global leader in athletic apparel, has been known to offer endorsements and sponsorship deals to promising golfers. Allisen Corpuz’s performance and determination on the golf course make her an excellent candidate for partnering with the brand. Her appearance at prestigious events such as the 2023 US Women’s Open and the Solheim Cup could potentially add to her association with Adidas and reinforce the brand’s visibility and reputation in the golf community.

Vans, a popular brand within the world of action sports, has expanded its foray into golf by offering stylish and comfortable footwear options. The brand has been seeking to increase its presence in the golfing world, making a partnership with the accomplished golfer Allisen Corpuz a likely prospect. A sponsorship deal with Vans could increase the brand’s credibility among golf enthusiasts while providing Corpuz with fashionable and functional gear.

Apart from Adidas and Vans, Allisen Corpuz may attract endorsements from other renowned golf equipment and clothing manufacturers as she continues to make her mark on the LPGA Tour. These sponsorship deals can provide financial support, promotional opportunities, and ease the burden of travel expenses for the athlete.

In conclusion, Allisen Corpuz’s rising career and accomplishments make her an attractive candidate for endorsements and sponsorships from companies like Adidas, Vans, and other relevant brands within the golf industry. By forging partnerships with these companies, Corpuz can solidify her status as a professional golfer, gain recognition on a global scale, and secure financial support, all while contributing to the brands’ visibility and appeal within the golf community.

Personal Life

Allisen Corpuz is a talented American professional golfer who recently won her first-ever major at the 2023 US Women’s Open. Born in Hawaii, Corpuz has a mixed ethnic background as her father, Marcus Corpuz, is Filipino, and her mother, May Corpuz, is Korean.

Relationship Status

Allisen Corpuz is currently in a relationship with Daniel Eckstrom. Daniel is a student at the University of Southern California, where he is enrolled in a Flight school.

Corpuz began her golf career in 2008 when she surpassed fellow Hawaiian golfer Michelle Wie West to become the youngest qualifier in U.S. Women’s Amateur Public Links history. She has also participated in the Asian Pacific Junior Cup, contributing to her impressive career earnings.

Information about Allisen Corpuz can be found on her Save Daughters Wikipedia page, where details about her personal life and achievements are documented, including her relationship with her boyfriend, Daniel Eckstrom.

In summary, Allisen Corpuz’s personal life includes her supportive parents, successful golf career, and loving relationship with her boyfriend, Daniel Eckstrom.



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