Dream About Getting Shot – Fighting for Survival

Getting shot is always a troublesome experience. If it happens in your dream, it might provoke negative feelings in your real-life just the next day. You might experience death by shooting, and such a dream is always a horrifying one. But “getting shot” is a signal for fighting for survival. That is the common explanation of the dream about getting shot.

There are other interpretations of course, like sexual problems, associations with pain, and much more. Do you want to know them all?

Luckily, we have some interpretations and explanations of the dream about getting shot. Let’s take a look.

Biblical meaning of dream about getting shot

In spiritual meaning, getting shot in your dream represents witnessing making a final decision. That applies to you, but to others as well. You have decided on a change and you aim for a goal. You can also interpret it as an intention to eliminate the competition.

Alternatively, this dream reflects your awareness of something stopping or failing in your life. You have a conflict of interest in your waking life.

On a negative note, getting shot reflects witnessing a shocking choice in a dangerous change of events. Bullets in the dream symbolize people or situations that have the power to control your decisions.

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General Meaning

Generally speaking, there are many reasons why you might dream of getting shot. That might apply to your close ones as well. You might have seen someone on TV getting shot. And you might dream about it.

Getting shot in a dream is usually a warning for your own emotions in real life. Did something scare you? Do you feel threatened?

We said that generally speaking, getting shot is a symbolism of fighting for survival. But there are many more specific situations that we have to address.

Different meanings of shooting in dreams

Shot in the chest or head

Speaking of different scenarios, we have to address the location of the shooting. Where did you encounter the gunshot?

In that regard, most gunshot wounds aim for the head or the chest. This dream symbolizes your feelings. You do not feel like you are on the right path. And that applies to work and career mostly. The gunshot in the head might urge you to change some aspects of yourself.

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Shot in the stomach

This dream indicates your own qualities and capabilities within. Most people interpret this dream in spiritual terms. The stomach represents the charka connected to the feminine side in life. Getting shot there indicates you have questions about your life. Why are wasting it? What energies you can use to achieve your goals? Try to answer these questions.

Shot in the neck

Getting shot in the neck is a sign of an inner conflict between your heart and mind. You probably want to do something. But deep inside, you know it is a wrong decision.

Alternatively, the dream shows someone in your life makes you feel stressed.

Shot in the back

It is easy to interpret this common dream. We all know who shoots in the back. Take it as a warning of a betrayal in the near future. Try to stay careful.

Think about your friends. Are they true friends? They might wait for an opportunity to deceive you.

Shot in the heart

Usually, getting shot in the heart with an arrow means you will fall in love. But that is not the case here. This weird dream actually has a negative explanation. It is a warning of depression and sadness in real life. It is time to talk to someone. You need help.

Dreaming of a mass shooting

When you dream of a mass shooting, but you do not get shot, it is associated with mental illness and gun violence. There is a big connection between mental health and massacres.

This dream shows you think of a situation in your waking life as dangerous. Something unpredictable looms around the corner. Try to prepare for it. Your subconscious mind is sending you a message of the upcoming difficult situation.

You are the shooter

When you are shooting the weapon, but you cannot see the target, take it as a sign of having control in life. It is a signal of your need for survival. At this point, you are at a point where you would work for anything to survive. You are ready to do anything for survival.

Shot multiple times

This common dream is rather worrying. Getting shot multiple times is not something pleasant. And dreams do tend to create scenarios and test our own internal reactions.

Multiple shots signal you need to wake up in your life and start noticing things. You need to show awareness of problems and circumstances that concern you.

Shot, but not dying

As with most dreams of shooting, it is a symbol of your own internal thoughts. It represents a flow of psychic energy. You need to start paying attention to the situation in your life.

Because you didn’t die, forces around you try to urge you to pay attention to the symbolism of pain.

Shot with a gun

We talked about how the area of shooting makes a big difference in the interpretation. But the weapon does too. For example, getting shot with a gun, you connect it to elements in your life. Sigmund Freud connects guns with sexual attraction.

Yet, there are other explanations. For example, if you got shot by a gang of shooters, it is a sign of feeling overwhelmed in life. At the moment, you have too much work.

Shot with arrows

Unlike guns, arrows have a different meaning in your dream. This type of shooting signals too many emotions inside you. You feel overwhelmed with your own feelings.

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Seeing the person shooting

If you saw the person who shot you, take it as a sign that someone in your life has something with you. He/she shows jealousy of you. You might want to consider your rivals. The dream applies to both romantic and professional life.

Shooting an animal

Yes, sometimes you might dream about shooting an animal. That is a clear sign you want to survive in this world. And at the moment, you are fighting for survival.

Getting shot in a war

If your dream placed you in the middle of a war, it has something to do with the past. You haven’t forgotten some aspects of your past. And these situations come back over and over again.

Shots fired in the air

This is a peculiar dream. But it is quite recurrent. Dreaming of shots in the air signals your feeling of constant fear when undertaking a project. Set aside your fears and insecurities. This dream warns you to take control of your life and show more confidence in your choices.

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Shooting yourself

This dream has a very clear meaning. Shooting yourself expresses personal revival. You revive and discover a more confident and resolute version.

Leave behind the traits that stopped you from personal growth. Right now, you have everything you need to face the challenges in life. And you will march toward individual achievement and success.



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