Derrick White Parents: A Close Look at the NBA Star’s Support System

Derrick White, a talented American basketball player, currently represents the Boston Celtics in the National Basketball Association (NBA). His journey to success in the NBA is rooted in the unwavering support and encouragement offered by his parents, Richard and Colleen White. These strong role models have been a driving force behind Derrick’s achievements on the court, providing him with motivation and inspiration throughout his career.

Richard White works in the I.T. department of a digital education company, and Colleen White has been a steadfast presence in their son’s life. Their commitment to Derrick’s basketball journey was further highlighted when Richard took time off from his busy schedule to watch his son’s NBA debut with the San Antonio Spurs. The couple has been together for a significant amount of time and their marriage has been an essential component in creating a stable and supportive environment for their child.

Understanding the impact of Derrick White’s parents on his successful career gives a glimpse into the valuable role that family plays in the lives of professional athletes. Richard and Colleen have not only provided guidance but also set an example of dedication and perseverance for their son to follow.

Early Life and Family

Derrick White was born on July 2, 1994, in Parker, Colorado, to his parents Richard White and Colleen White. The family has always maintained a private life despite their son’s growing fame in the world of professional basketball. As a loving and supportive family, Derrick’s parents and his older sister, Brianna White, have been with him throughout his journey, celebrating his accomplishments and milestones together.

Growing up in Parker, a suburb of the Denver metropolitan area, Derrick attended Legend High School where he started to display his talent for basketball. In those early years, his family played a crucial role in nurturing his dedication to the sport and being his backbone. Richard and Colleen White ensured that their son had the necessary support and resources to excel in his basketball career.

Derrick also has a wife, Hannah Schneider, with whom he shares a deep bond. Together, they have a child named Hendrix James White, who adds to the joy and happiness of the family. As Derrick continues to play professionally, his family remains a constant source of motivation and strength for him.

Derrick White’s story is an inspiring example of how a supportive family can play a significant role in the success of an individual. With their unwavering support and love, Richard, Colleen, and Brianna have been instrumental in shaping Derrick’s career and helping him become the accomplished basketball player he is today.

College Basketball Career

Derrick White began his college basketball career at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS), where he played for the UCCS Mountain Lions, a Division II team. During his time at UCCS, White was a standout player, showcasing his skills as a dynamic basketball player with impressive stats in games, points, assists, and rebounds.

After three successful years at UCCS, White made the decision to transfer to the University of Colorado to join their Division I basketball team, the Colorado Buffaloes. This move allowed White to further test his skills and compete at a higher level in the prestigious Pac-12 Conference. Playing under head coach Tad Boyle, White continued to make a name for himself in the world of college basketball.

During his time with the Colorado Buffaloes, White’s stats improved even more, and he gained recognition as an All-American player. His success in Division I basketball demonstrated not only his growth as a player, but also his dedication and hard work. Despite having to shoulder the burden of student loans, White remained focused on his career, demonstrating commitment to both his family and his dreams.

In summary, Derrick White’s college basketball career saw him transition from a promising player at a smaller Division II school in Colorado Springs, to a standout star in the highly competitive Division I basketball world. His time at both UCCS and the University of Colorado showcased his talent, determination, and strong work ethic, which would eventually lead him to the NBA.

NBA Draft and Early Career

Derrick White’s journey in the National Basketball Association (NBA) began when he was drafted 29th overall by the San Antonio Spurs in the 2017 NBA draft. As a rookie, White showed immense potential and quickly established himself as a valuable contributor to the team.

White made his NBA debut on October 18, 2017, with the Spurs, securing a victory over the Minnesota Timberwolves with a score of 107-99. Throughout his time with the Spurs, White showcased his skill and determination, helping push the team forward during critical games and enhancing their chances in the NBA playoffs.

In the Eastern Conference Finals, White’s performance reached new heights during intense Game 6 and Game 7 battles. His field goal percentage increased significantly, proving crucial to his team’s success. Furthermore, White’s put-back shots demonstrated his uncanny ability to find openings and capitalize on opportunities, making him an indispensable asset to his teammates and the team as a whole.

In February 2022, five years after being drafted, White was traded to the Boston Celtics. Embracing this new challenge, he continued to display his prowess on the court, contributing to the Celtics’ notable run in the NBA Finals.

Derrick White’s determination and growth, from his NBA draft selection to his contributions with the San Antonio Spurs and the Boston Celtics, reflect the influence and support from his parents, Colleen White and Richard White, who have always encouraged him in his basketball career.

Trade and Post-Trade Performance

Derrick White’s trade from the San Antonio Spurs to the Boston Celtics created a buzz in the NBA world. His father expressed his happiness with the trade, indicating a sense of optimism for White’s future with the team. The trade involved Derrick White, who had a $15.1 million salary for 2021-22, being exchanged for Josh Richardson and salary, a 2022 1st round pick, Romeo Langford, and a 2028 1st round pick.

Since joining the Celtics, White has proved to be a valuable addition to the roster. He has consistently contributed in games against formidable opponents, such as the Miami Heat, Brooklyn Nets, and Denver Nuggets. While the exact statistical breakdown of his performance varies per game, White has displayed a well-rounded skill set, contributing in points, assists, and rebounds.

Not only has White been producing on the court, but he has also developed a strong bond with his new teammates. His presence on the floor has been recognized by both the coaching staff as well as his fellow Celtics, who appreciate his dedication and work ethic. As Derrick White dons the iconic green and white jersey, his determination to bring victory to the Boston Celtics becomes more evident with each game.

In summary, Derrick White has seamlessly transitioned from the San Antonio Spurs to the Boston Celtics, both in terms of on-court performance and off-court camaraderie. His growing contribution to the team is a testament to the successful trade and the positive outlook for his future with the Celtics.

International Career

Derrick White’s international career took a significant leap when he became a part of the US National Team. The team’s impressive performance in national and international events showcases their dedication and skill. Derrick White played an essential role in representing his country on the global stage.

During the FIBA Basketball World Cup, White actively contributed to the US national team’s success. This prestigious international championship brought together the top basketball-playing countries, providing an excellent opportunity for athletes like White to exhibit their talent and commitment to the sport on a broader scale.

In the 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup, Derrick White’s performance garnered attention and praise. As a valuable member of the US national team during this event, he maximized his skills, helping the team excel. The tournament provided an opportunity for White to further establish himself as an integral part of the national team and demonstrate his status as an influential player in international competitions.

Derrick White’s international career highlights his capabilities as an outstanding basketball player. Through participation and achievements in events like the FIBA Basketball World Cup, he not only represents his country but also contributes to its success on the global stage.

Personal Life

Derrick White, born on July 2, 1994, is the son of Richard White and Colleen White. At a young age, Derrick showed great potential in basketball and was raised in a loving family environment. His parents always supported him throughout his journey to becoming an NBA player. Derrick has an older sibling, Brianna White, who has also been an essential part of his life.

Derrick’s parents, Richard and Colleen, chose to keep their personal lives private. Despite being an important part of Derrick’s life, they prefer not to be in the limelight. The couple dated for a while before tying the knot, and their family grew stronger over time. They have continually supported Derrick and Brianna, both emotionally and financially.

Derrick is in a relationship with Hannah Schneider. The couple often shares their love and support for each other through social media, showcasing their strong bond. As Derrick’s career progressed, it is evident that they value each other and have a healthy relationship.

In terms of his lifestyle, Derrick earns a significant salary of $17.6 million as a professional basketball player, and his estimated net worth is around $20 million. He is currently playing for the San Antonio Spurs. This financial stability allows Derrick and his growing family to enjoy a comfortable life. He is likely able to afford rent or even own a house and drive a car, though specific details about his living situation and vehicle ownership are not public.

Digital Influence

Derrick White’s parents, Richard and Colleen White, have played an influential role in his basketball career. While they may not be active on major social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, their support for their son is undoubtedly felt through other digital channels.

A significant aspect of the digital influence surrounding Derrick White’s parents is their involvement in his education. As a young athlete, Derrick was able to rely on the support of his mother and father, who consistently encouraged him to pursue both his academic and athletic goals. This parental guidance is consistent with the values of many digital education companies, which aim to provide students with the resources necessary to succeed in the classroom and beyond.

In terms of social media presence, Derrick White’s parents have maintained a relatively low profile. This restraint demonstrates a level of modesty and privacy, characteristics that contribute significantly to their son’s grounded and humble demeanor despite his NBA success.

Overall, while the digital influence of Richard and Colleen White may not be immediately apparent through social media metrics, their impact on their son’s life and career speaks volumes. Through their unwavering support and encouragement, they have helped Derrick White cultivate the necessary attributes to excel both on and off the basketball court.


Derrick White, an American professional basketball player, has made a significant impact in the National Basketball Association (NBA) with his impressive skills and contributions to his team. Born on July 2, 1994, in Parker, White’s parents are Richard White and Colleen White, who have provided immense support and encouragement throughout his basketball career.

Richard White potentially has African origins, while Colleen White is of American descent. Unfortunately, Derrick White has not shared explicit details about his parents’ backgrounds on social media, making it difficult to confirm important aspects about the couple’s ethnicity.

In the NBA, Derrick White represents the prestigious Boston Celtics team, and as the 29th overall pick in the first round of the 2017 draft, he has proved his worth with exceptional gameplay. With a steady foundation and support from his parents, Derrick White has been able to rise to prominence in the world of American basketball.



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