Charlton Goodell Parents: A Look Inside the NFL Player’s Family

Charlton Goodell, a talented young football player, has attracted significant attention lately. Having ties to the NFL commissioner, his personal life has become a topic of interest for many. Although information about Charlton Goodell parents has remained elusive, understanding more about his family background will offer a clearer picture of the environment in which this promising athlete emerged.

Charlton is the nephew of the NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell. This connection has undoubtedly played a role in his growing prominence in the football community. As a rising star on the Jackson State Tigers defensive line, Charlton’s admirable skillset and family connection to the NFL only prompt further curiosity about his upbringing.

Despite the interest surrounding Charlton’s familial ties, specific details regarding his parents and siblings remain unknown. However, it is clear that Charlton holds American nationality and is proud of his family lineage. As he continues to make strides in his football career, fans eagerly look forward to learning more about the talented athlete and the family that helped shape him into the player he is today.

Early Life and Family Background


Charlton Goodell is a talented young football player with a notable family background. His father, Jeff Goodell, is a respected social worker in Los Angeles. He is known for his work at Focus Forward counseling and consulting, and serves as the president of the Jeffrey Goodell Foundation. Jeff is also a leadership coach and consultant with an extensive professional background.


There is no mention of Charlton Goodell having any siblings in the available information. As the article requested focuses on his parents and family background, it’s important to note his connection to the family of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Although Roger Goodell shares the same last name, there is no direct relation between Charlton and Roger Goodell.


Charlton Goodell is an adopted son in his family. His parents, particularly his father Jeff Goodell, have provided him a stable and nurturing environment that has undoubtedly contributed to his success on the football field. As a sophomore defensive lineman for the Jackson State Tigers, Charlton has showcased his skills and dedication to the sport. While his adoption is an important part of his family background, it’s clear that the love and support from his parents have played a significant role in shaping him into the young athlete he is today.


High School

Charlton Goodell attended a high school in Alexandria, Virginia, where he began his journey in the world of football. While there, he showcased impressive skills and strong performance on the field, ensuring his progression to college football.

Jackson State University

Charlton Goodell is currently a junior or sophomore student at Jackson State University, located in Mississippi, America. At Jackson State, he plays NCAA Football for the university’s team, the Jackson State Tigers, as a defensive lineman. With his talent and dedication, Charlton contributes significantly to the team’s success in the Southwestern Athletic Conference. As he continues his education and football career at Jackson State University, Charlton Goodell is undoubtedly making a name for himself and carrying on the legacy of his family in the world of sports.

Career Path

Junior and Sophomore Years

Charlton Goodell, a talented football player, began his journey in the world of college football as a defensive lineman. As a sophomore, he joined the Jackson State Tigers team and continued to play in his junior year as well. With a dependable skillset, he proved his worth on the field during important matches in his junior and sophomore seasons.


An interesting detail about Charlton Goodell’s family background is that he shares a connection with the NFL. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, born on February 19, 1959, is a relative of Charlton. Roger Goodell has played an influential role in shaping the National Football League and its various aspects over the years, making the connection with Charlton noteworthy.

Defensive Lineman

As a defensive lineman, Charlton Goodell has displayed immense dedication and perseverance. With a height of 6 feet 1 inch and a weight of 250 pounds, Charlton holds a solid position in the Jackson State Tigers team. His consistent performance as a defensive lineman has contributed to the success of the team and proved him to be a valuable player in the world of college football.

Social Media Presence


Charlton Goodell maintains an active presence on social media, particularly on Instagram. On his account, he shares various aspects of his life, including his college football career and personal moments. Charlton’s Instagram posts provide a glimpse into his training and time spent with friends, showcasing his dedication to his sport and the relationships he values.

One notable aspect of Goodell’s social media presence is his emphasis on family. He often uses the hashtag #familyovereverything, reflecting the importance his loved ones hold in his life. While Charlton tends to keep his personal life relatively private, he occasionally shares photos of his parents, Jeffrey and Mrs. Goodell, who have become a topic of interest among fans.

Through his Instagram account, Charlton Goodell demonstrates not only his commitment to his football career but also the strong bond he shares with his family. By maintaining a balance between his professional and personal lives, he presents himself in an authentic and approachable manner, allowing fans to connect with him on a more intimate level.

Net Worth

Charlton Goodell, a sophomore college football player with the Jackson State Tigers, has an estimated net worth range of approximately $1-5 million. Despite his young age and status as a college athlete, Charlton has managed to accumulate a significant net worth.

Playing as a defensive lineman at Jackson State University, Goodell is a standout talent on his team. Through his dedication to the sport and success on the field, he’s likely to see continued financial growth in the future.

This estimated net worth suggests that Charlton Goodell is already off to an impressive start, both athletically and financially.

Personal Details

Height and Weight

Charlton Goodell, a promising football player, is currently playing as a sophomore defensive lineman for the Jackson State Tigers. At a height of 6’1″ and weight of 250 lbs, Charlton showcases a good combination of physical attributes necessary for an effective defensive lineman.


Born in Alexandria, VA, United States, Charlton’s age is not explicitly mentioned in the available sources. While the exact date of birth remains undisclosed, it is known that he joined the Jackson State Tigers in 2022 as a sophomore player. Charlton is getting a lot of attention for his skills and abilities, making his personal life, including his age, a topic of interest for many.

As for Charlton Goodell parents, Jeffrey Goodell and Mrs. Goodell have brought up Charlton with a supportive environment. Jeffrey Goodell, Charlton’s father, is a social worker in Los Angeles, working at Focus Forward counseling and consulting. He also serves as the president of the Jeffrey Goodell Foundation and is a leadership coach and consultant. Charlton is an adopted son of the Goodell family, who have nurtured and encouraged his passion for football. They can often be seen in pictures, together with Charlton, showcasing their pride in their son’s accomplishments.



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