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Watch plays an important role in completing your style and look. There are many brands in the market which offers you various types of watches. It becomes difficult to choose the right watch which can make your personality look cool. Here, in this content, we are presenting some of the most trendy and coolest watches for teenagers as well as adults. Know about the features, colours, styles and much more. So let’s have a look at the top WatchesGuild.

Freestyle Shark Clip:

A timepiece with most vibrant colour combinations is a perfect choice to take your look to another level. You can choose your colour of choice from the large collection. This is a retro-style watch which will give you an evergreen and casual look. The main features of this freestyle shark clip watch are:

–        It has digital faces which give you simple and easy readability.

–        Consists of nylon band covered with clip buckles.

Nixon Time Teller P:

It is one of the best choices of men’s watches. A unique timepiece with matchless style and amazing are perfect to tie up with casual wear. You can go through the giant collection of hues with subdued colours. It is a quartz movement watch with 40 mm of case diameter and three-handed dial. The strap is made up of 30 mm of the comfortable and wonderful band.

Betsey Johnson ‘lots ‘n’ Lots of Time’:

If you are a girl and searching for a timepiece which could enhance your beauty then this is the right watch you can get for you. Betsey Johnson is a good brand which comes with a beautiful floral design. It has a 41mm of case diameter plated with gold. Numbering gives the elegant look with their off-kilter design. This is the best watch which will adore your style.

Bulova Marine Star 98B201:

Boys who want to flaunt in their colleges and between their friends can check this timepiece. Watch with rubber band coloured in beige will complete your sturdy look. Dial with Arabic numbers and the black and beige combination will perfectly go for your cool look. This watch is scratch-resistant and highly durable.

Casio Twin Sensor SGW500H-2BV:

A great timepiece with sleek and unending features can become an amazing choice of boys of this age. The best part of twin sensor is that it is affordable for everyone. It’s compass and thermometer sensors makes it unique. It will also offer you with the date of sunrise and sunset. The stainless steel body with a combination of black and blue colour makes it go with every outfit. This watch is water-resistant up to 100 metres of depth.

Citizen Eco-Drive CA0564-58A:

A stainless steel men’s watch serves you with the classy look to your outfit. It has a white colour dial with shiny hands and elegant gold bezel with a black background. It is a quartz watch. Though this watch is an eco-drive light automatically charges it.

Timex Easy Reader T2N955:

Today’s world is very fond of denim whether it is a jacket, pants or watches. If you are denim lover then go for Timex Easy Reader T2N955. Watch with 38mm of case diameter and an elegant denim strap enhances your beauty. As it is clear from the name itself that it has easily readable numbers. This watch is water-resistant up to 100 feet so you can wear it during your swimming session too.

Zoo York ZY1304:

Black is a cool and trendy colour. This is the watch with all-black look with a soft and comfortable band. This timepiece is ideal for both girls and boys. You can carry Zoo York with your any outfit and make yourself cool.

Above were some of the best watches Guild which will help you look cool. Now you can easily flaunt in front of your friend or the people around you.



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