Angel Reese Parents: Meet the Family of the Basketball Star

Angel Reese, a prominent college basketball player, has taken the world by storm with her impressive skills and tenacity on the court. Born on May 6, 2002, in Randallstown, Maryland, Reese was introduced to the sport of basketball early on by her parents – Angel Webb and Michael Reese. As a result, Reese’s family background has played a significant role in honing her talent and shaping her successful basketball journey.

Angel Reese parents both have strong ties to the basketball world. Angel Webb, her mother, was an accomplished player herself and passed on her love for basketball to her children. Reese’s father, Michael Reese, not only played college basketball for Boston College and Loyola University of Maryland but also took his talents overseas to enjoy a professional career as a basketball player. The competitive environment created by her parents allowed Reese to learn, grow, and develop the necessary skills that define her exceptional basketball prowess today.

It is evident that the influence and support of Angel Reese parents have been instrumental in her journey to becoming a top college basketball star. Their athletic background and combined experiences have undoubtedly played a significant role in building the foundation that has allowed Reese to thrive as a basketball player and make her mark in the world of sports.

Early Life

Angel Reese was born on 6th May 2002 in Randallstown, Maryland, to parents Angel and Michael Reese. Both of her parents played college basketball before pursuing professional careers overseas. After the divorce of her parents, Angel and her younger brother, Julian, were primarily raised by their mother, Angel.

Randallstown, Maryland

Growing up in Randallstown, a suburb of Baltimore, Reese and her family were surrounded by a sports-loving community. Their family household celebrated the game of basketball, being deeply rooted in its culture. This atmosphere and family background played a significant role in shaping Reese’s athletic pursuits from an early age.

Throughout her childhood, Reese participated in multiple sports, including track, swimming, and, of course, basketball. This multidisciplinary approach allowed her to develop her athletic skills and gain valuable experience in various sporting disciplines.

While little information is available about her grandparents, it’s evident that Angel’s family and upbringing in Randallstown played a crucial role in her development as an athlete. As she matured, her dedication and passion for basketball only grew, ultimately leading her to a successful high school and collegiate career.


Michael Reese

Michael Reese is a former college basketball player who later played professionally overseas. As the father of Angel Reese, he played a significant role in introducing his daughter to the world of basketball. Although his presence in Angel’s life was impactful, the couple did not stay together and eventually divorced.

Angel Webb

Angel Webb, a former college basketball player and professional athlete overseas, is the mother of Angel Reese. After her separation from Michael Reese, she took on the responsibilities of raising Angel and her younger brother, Julian, as a single mother. Focused on providing a nurturing and loving home, Webb remained dedicated to her children’s development. As a multidisciplinary athlete, Angel Reese participated in track, swimming, and basketball, with her mother’s unwavering support and inspiration.

Raised by a single mother, Angel Reese has shown incredible resilience and determination, both on and off the court. The story of her parents, their influence, and shared passion for sports, has played a defining role in shaping Angel Reese’s journey in the world of basketball.


Julian Reese

Angel Reese, a star basketball player on the LSU women’s team, has a unique sibling rivalry with her younger brother, Julian Reese. Born to Michael and Angel Reese, both siblings share a passion for basketball that has translated into successful college careers.

Julian is a junior basketball player at Maryland, representing the men’s team. Prior to joining Maryland, Julian competed for St. Frances Academy, honing his skills on the court. The sibling rivalry between Angel and Julian began during their practice sessions together, where they would constantly challenge each other to improve their game.

Raised by their single mother after their parents split up, Angel and Julian have had a strong bond since their early childhood. Their mother, Angel Reese, ensured that they had the support and guidance needed to grow as athletes and individuals. The Reese siblings’ strong foundation and competitive nature have helped them both excel in their respective college basketball programs.

In summary, Angel Reese’s family, particularly her sibling Julian, has played a significant role in her life and athletic achievements. Their supportive environment, sibling rivalry, and shared passion for basketball have driven the siblings to success both on and off the court.

High School Basketball Career

St. Frances Academy

Angel Reese began her high school basketball career at St. Frances Academy in Baltimore, Maryland. She quickly emerged as a dominant player on the court, earning recognition for her exceptional skills and impressive statistics. Throughout her years at St. Frances, Reese consistently demonstrated her ability to score points, grab rebounds, and contribute to her team’s overall success.

Interscholastic Athletic Association of Maryland (IAAM)

During her time at St. Frances Academy, Reese competed in the Interscholastic Athletic Association of Maryland (IAAM). As a member of the IAAM, she had the opportunity to face off against some of the best basketball talent in the state. Her strong performance in the league further solidified her reputation as a top player in the region, garnering attention from college scouts and coaches.

Championships and Achievements

Angel Reese’s talent and hard work paid off as she led her team to three consecutive championships while at St. Frances Academy. Her efforts resulted in numerous individual awards and honors, further showcasing her undeniable skill on the basketball court. For instance, in a National SemiFinal Game, Reese scored a remarkable 24 points and 24 rebounds, even though her team ultimately lost in overtime. Despite any setbacks, her achievements during her high school basketball career firmly established Angel Reese as a formidable player with a promising future ahead.

College Basketball Career

University of Maryland

Angel Reese began her college basketball journey at the University of Maryland. During her time with the Terrapins, she demonstrated remarkable skills on the court. As a result, Reese helped Maryland to secure numerous victories and become one of the top contenders in the NCAA tournament.

Louisiana State University

After her impressive stint with Maryland, Angel Reese transferred to Louisiana State University (LSU), where she continued her pursuit of basketball excellence. Playing for the LSU Tigers, Reese showcased her exceptional talent and led her team to significant wins, including memorable triumphs during the March Madness event.


During her college basketball career, Angel Reese earned various accolades that reflect her outstanding performance:

  • LSU: Reese played a key role in leading the Tigers to their first-ever NCAA women’s Championship, making history for the university.
  • Rebounds: With her tenacious playing style, Reese consistently racked up an impressive number of rebounds, becoming one of the top rebounders in both the University of Maryland and LSU’s teams.
  • Big Ten: While playing for Maryland, Reese made a significant impact in the Big Ten, earning recognition for her impeccable skills.
  • All-American honors: In 2020, while attending Saint Frances Academy in Baltimore, Reese was awarded McDonald’s All-American honors and was ranked the number two player in her class by ESPN.

Angel Reese’s college basketball career, first at the University of Maryland and later at Louisiana State University, has been nothing short of exceptional. Her achievements speak volumes about her dedication and natural talent in the sport, making her one of the most remarkable players in the NCAA.

Professional Basketball Career Prospects

Angel Reese’s parents, Michael Reese and Angel Webb, both had successful basketball careers, which could have an impact on her potential future in the sport. Let’s examine her prospects in both the NBA and WNBA.

Potential for the NBA

The NBA Draft is an annual event in which eligible college and international players are selected by the 30 NBA teams. While it is an opportunity for talented basketball players to showcase their abilities and potentially join the league, the NBA is currently a male-dominated organization, and there has never been a woman drafted to play in the NBA.

Given this historical context, it is unlikely for Angel Reese to be selected by an NBA team or become part of the league as a professional basketball player. The focus for her basketball career should ideally lie in the WNBA.

Potential for the WNBA

As a female basketball player, Angel Reese has a significantly higher chance of being drafted into the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA). The WNBA holds its own annual draft, providing women’s basketball players with opportunities to showcase their skills and develop professional careers.

A few factors in Angel’s favor that could help her make it into the WNBA include:

  • Her basketball-oriented family background: As mentioned earlier, both of her parents, Michael Reese and Angel Webb, have experience playing professional basketball. This could have influenced her development as a skilled player.
  • Her cousin, Jordan Hawkins, winning the 2023 NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship with the UConn Huskies: Her cousin’s success indicates that the family has a strong history of competitive basketball talent.
  • Her own performance in college basketball: Angel Reese’s success while playing for the University of Maryland could catch the attention of WNBA scouts, improving her chances of being drafted into the league.

To summarize, Angel Reese’s athletic background and skill set suggest a higher likelihood of her pursuing a professional career in the WNBA rather than the NBA. While predicting success in any professional sport is challenging, Angel’s familial connections and college performance indicate a promising possibility of her joining the ranks of some of the world’s best athletes in the WNBA.

Angel Reese off the Court

Influence and Inspiration

Off the court, Angel Reese credits her parents, Michael Reese and Angel Webb, as her primary sources of inspiration. Both of them have had a significant impact on her life, starting as young basketball enthusiasts themselves. Michael Reese played college basketball for Boston College and Loyola University of Maryland. Later, he pursued a professional career overseas. Angel Webb not only played a vital role in their daughter’s basketball career but also shared her love for sports with Angel.

Growing up with her mother after her parent’s divorce, Angel Reese developed a strong bond with both of her parents, considering them her role models and inspiration to excel in basketball. They continuously encouraged her to work hard and pursue her dreams on and off the court.

Social Media Presence

Angel Reese also has a strong presence on social media, where she uses the platforms to share her life experiences, basketball accomplishments, and positive messages. Her confidence and commitment to empowering others makes her a great inspiration for young athletes. Through her Instagram account, she frequently shares personal moments, news about her college team, and her achievements, allowing fans to gain insight into her life as a rising basketball star.



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