6 Dating Rules Every Man Should Be Following

Dating isn’t easy these days. Even if you’re a high-value man with genuine sugar daddy potential, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can have any woman you want. Sometimes the chemistry just isn’t there, but other times, even the best guys experience dating fumbles that they wish they’d handled differently.

Understanding the ways the dating scene has changed over the years and changing your approach accordingly can help a lot, though. Here are a few modern dating rules every guy should be following as he continues his quest to find the right woman for him.

1. Prioritize first impressions

Here in the digital age, first impressions aren’t just important. In a dating scene where a beautiful sugar baby’s next prospect is just a quick browsing session away, a bad first impression can easily mean never again getting another chance to win her over.

That said, it’s impossible to over-emphasize how crucial first impressions are. Be impeccably groomed. Dress appropriately, but dress well in good quality clothes that fit you well and play to your physical strengths. Be polite, gentlemanly, and accommodating, as well.

2. Don’t monopolize the conversation

If there’s one thing women are tired of these days, it’s dealing with men who talk over them, interrupt them, and don’t listen to what they have to say. No, that gorgeous sugar baby doesn’t want you to be a closed book who makes her carry the conversation, but she definitely wants her own turn to talk and be heard.

Definitely contribute to the conversation, but don’t monopolize it. Keep your date engaged by asking her meaningful, open-ended questions about herself. Listen actively to her answers and respond directly to essential points she makes.

3. Put your phone down

Have you ever been out somewhere with a date, a friend, or even a work colleague who’s on and off their phone the entire time like it’s no big deal? If so, then you no doubt know how frustrating it can be. It can even leave you wondering why you’re bothering, since the other person clearly doesn’t respect your time or value your company.

You don’t like it, so it should make sense that that sweet sugar baby you’re out on a date with doesn’t like it, either. Put your phone away, and – if possible – turn it off altogether. (A phone that’s on vibrate or even just silent has a way of remaining a huge distraction.) Your date will appreciate the fact that you’re interested in being present and giving her your full attention.

4. Leave the games at the door

You don’t have to be a full-time sugar dater to appreciate the difference a little honesty makes. Everyone’s concerned about coming across as needy, clingy, or desperate, so they worry about coming on too strong. However, they often wind up leaning too far in the other direction and playing games instead, which is even worse.

Remember, today’s single sugar babies have an obscene number of options to choose from when it comes to who they date, so they’re not going to waste their time trying to figure out whether the men they’re dating are interested or not. So if you like her and feel like there might be something there between you, just say so. Be honest, upfront, and willing to be a little vulnerable.

5. Live in the moment and have fun

When you’re out on a sugar date with someone you like, it can be hard not to think ahead to the future and plan your next move a couple of steps in advance, just in case. The problem with that, though, is that you’re never fully present in the moment, and you can miss a lot that way.

Instead, relax and enjoy each date for what it is. It’s OK to make a mental note to ask her out again at the end of your date if you like her, but cross that bridge when you come to it instead of dwelling on it all night long. Have fun. Laugh together. Engage in plenty of lighthearted conversation. Everything else will take care of itself.

6. Plan dates to remember

Although dinner, drinks, and coffee are all perfectly fine date ideas – especially if you haven’t been out together before – keep in mind that those are the same dates literally every guy plans. If you want to stand out and get her to see you as genuine sugar daddy material, master the fine art of planning memorable dates instead.

Take what you know about your would-be sugar baby into consideration when planning. Is she an active type? Do something adventurous that gets you guys out, about, and exploring. Is she super into art or music? Try a gallery opening or take her to the symphony. Be creative, and plan an experience to remember. You’ll be glad you did.



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