3 reasons why you should frame your canvas painting

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Do I have to frame my canvas painting? Doesn’t it look more real without the protective shield?

These questions must have crossed your mind every time you gaze at the canvas paintings that you have in your acquisition or wall gallery. After all, they are stretched and have their own structure and shape that defines the creation of the artist. So if you are happy with the stretch and the edgy look, you can leave it unframed which won’t compromise the uniqueness of the art.

However, there are some gorgeous canvas paintings whose beauty gets accentuated with the addition of a suitable frame. This beautifying change does not interfere with the original intent of the artist and gives the canvas a complete look. Here, we’ve master-crafted the top 3 reasons why you should consider framing your canvas painting you are a proud owner of instead of just rolling up or stacking them in a corner somewhere.

1. Timeless, Easily Achievable Look!


There is no doubt that framing the canvas painting that fits both the style of the art and the setting where it will be displayed only helps to achieve an everlasting look. In fact, having a simple, high-quality frame highlights the beauty of a scenic landscape, realistic still life, and traditional portrait.

Wonderful as it is on its own, the framed version of the masterpieces enhances the grace of the masterpiece to the maximum by forcing you to focus on the image within. While traditional watercolors and pastels look the best behind a mat or mount card that has an aperture to reveal the painting.

Not only does this add aesthetic appearance to the painting but also is a practical practice to shield the delicate and fragile watercolor artworks. Mount is also important for a pastel or charcoal works so that they do not touch the glass. And the outcome will definitely delight you for it prevents smudging and ruining of the image. The best part of doing so will bestow you with the frame art that defies its age.

2. Protective Shield from Damage


Another nitty-gritty reason why you should frame your priceless possession is to understand that ‘Prevention is better than cure’. There are multiple times when the paintings get damaged due to the accumulation of dust or a slight touch of the sticky fingers. Have a frame provides the painting, that is as delicate as rose, with the required safety and safeguard.

What’s more, you may ask? The answer: to frame canvas oil reproduction also helps to keep the edges of the canvas from being shred away. This extra layer of protection guarantees durability.

Another added advantage includes the protection of the painting from getting fuzzy or faded. This usually happens when masterpieces drain the life of the colors applied to the paintings. Moreover, if you have kids at home and you don’t want them to get creative with the expensive art pieces, getting a frame art will save you fortunes on the recovery of the paintings.

3. Radiate a Traditional Feel


Yet another reason why should opt to frame your canvas painting is to radiation warm, rustic feel that instantly makes visitors feel welcomed. The wooden frame that you choose can add a touch of tradition to any home. All you have to do is make a judicious decision when picking the style and color of the frame that seamlessly blends with the paint and the furniture used in the room.

You can also add a dramatic yet elegant look with the help of the floating frame. In this kind of frame, there exists a slight difference between the canvas the edge of the frame which creates an illusion of art with a recessed perspective.

What’s even better is the fact that the floating frame is attached to the back thereby exposing 100% of the artwork to the audience. This is perfect to hang oil painting and provide a traditional, sophisticated and smooth setting. Having your canvas painting framed beefs up the artwork with some added touch instead of hanging a stretched canvas that might simply look blunt on the wall.

Down to Personal Taste

An elegant frame work around any painting is the finishing touch that elevates the creativity and the ingenuity of the artist. It also presents the sheer beauty of the artwork to the audience in the best possible light. However, you should be aware that the same frame, if not wisely chosen, has the potential to drastically alleviate the true work of art.

Getting the right frame highly depends on the style of painting, the setting of the house, and your personal choice. No matter what kind of work catches your eyes, it’s always a great idea to frame your canvas painting. All you have to remember is with the perfect custom frame; you can absolutely accentuate your work while protecting it for years to come.

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