Your guide to Maeng Da kratom

Maeng Da is possibly the most famous type of kratom on the planet. From Thailand, it literally stands for ‘pimp grade’. The point the Thais are making is that this stuff is pretty strong!

The potency explains why Maeng Da strains have become so favored in the Western world. Users seeking a stronger experience with more sustained relief often tend toward Maeng Da.

This guide will explore the four different types of Maeng Da available at and how to use them. We’ve also included lots of frequently asked kratom questions!

What is kratom?

Kratom (mitragyna speciosa) is a Southeast Asian plant from the coffee family that has been taken for centuries in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and surrounding areas. Some strains are loved for their relaxing, opiate-like effects, while other strains have completely the opposite, but equally enticing stimulating properties.

Kratom contains a myriad of compounds, including alkaloids, which are thought to explain the bulk of the plant’s effects. Kratom has become popular in recent times as a substitute to opioids. People also take kratom for other physical and mental purposes. However, kratom has no approved medical use as of 2020, per the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

What is Maeng Da?

Pimp-grade or super-strength kratom describes it perfectly. This vintage strain is packed with alkaloids, which hold the key to a potent and worthwhile kratom experience. There are four different veins in the Maeng Da family – Red, White, Green and Yellow – which all promote slightly different effects. Let’s take a closer look.

Red Maeng Da

Red vein strains have a reputation for delivering relaxation. But while that’s largely the case with Red, there is an important twist. For some reason, this strain tends to be more stimulating than other Reds. This effect is particularly noticeable in small quantities, which are also generally more energizing. But even heftier amounts will still give you some zip.

In comparison with other Maeng Das, the Red is still the most soothing of the four, with pleasant all-round effects. Red is a classic evening kratom strain that you can drift off into the night with.

White Maeng Da

This strain couldn’t be more different. A white Maeng Da strain can only mean one thing: stimulation upon stimulation. This energizing enigma will crumble any fatigue to dust, leaving you in a great mood and fully alert throughout the day.

However, White is an intense strain, too. This is great if you want your kratom to give you a real kick. But those who experience anxiety may be put off by the strong sensations, which really can be overwhelming.

Green Maeng Da

This is the ideal strain if the White is a touch overpowering. Green finds the middle zone between Red and White, which translates to a big burst of energy, complemented with a dash of relaxation and calm. You’ll be on top of your game, but in good spirits with this strain.

Yellow-Vein Maeng Da

This kratom probably has more in common with the Green than any other. Yellow-vein strains typically offer mellow, but long-lasting effects. A potential all-day or night-time strain perhaps.

How to use kratom powder

You’ve chosen your Maeng Da powder – now you need to know what to do with it! Let’s start with instant kratom tea. Our powder makes brewing infused tea a cinch. Just put the kettle on, stir the powder into a cup of hot water, and let the blend settle for a few minutes. Then enjoy your alkaloid-rich, kratom-infused beverage – you may need some sugar to improve the taste! Also, make sure to check the recommended standard dose of managing pain, or the dosage for whatever you’re looking to take kratom for, to make sure you are taking the right amount to achieve the effect you are looking for.

Or perhaps go old-school with the ‘toss and wash’ approach. This rough-and-ready method involves scooping Maeng Da powder straight into your mouth, and swallowing it down with water. It’s quick, easy and convenient, but does leave you helpless to the full force of kratom’s bitter flavor. But if you don’t mind that, be our guest!

Improve your favorite homemade baked goods with a helping of kratom. That’s right, you can make kratom edibles that taste great and do all that they are supposed to! Edibles have multiple benefits. They’re discreet, you can put the same amount into each one, and they don’t have a strong kratom flavor, which is always a plus!

Is Maeng Da kratom addictive?

Maeng Da kratom does have addictive potential. Alkaloids in kratom interact with opioid receptors, which are integrated in drug dependence. However, Maeng Da and other kratoms are less risky than strong synthetic opioids. Use kratom responsibly, always monitor your intake and you’ll be on your way to many safe experiences with the plant.

Does kratom have anti-inflammatory properties?

Kratom has no confirmed anti-inflammatory effects. Kratom has no medically-approved uses at all, in fact. However, a handful of studies exist on the plant and its respective compounds. Some research suggests some alkaloids may have anti-inflammatory properties. But this is merely a point of interest rather than a definitive find. What we really need is more research!

Will Maeng Da kratom give me anxiety?

Maeng Da is very stimulating, and the White variety especially so. It’s probably more likely to trigger anxiety than other kratom strains, so be cautious if you do suffer. For those with anxiety still keen to try Maeng Da, the relaxing Red is perhaps the best place to start.

Where can I buy Maeng Da kratom?

You can buy kratom right here at! We have premium powdered Maeng Da kratom for sale, with Red, White, Green and Yellow strains all available. We’re a trusted vendor, selling organic and pesticide-free kratom. We also stock a wide range of CBD products.

Final thoughts

Maeng Da is a big-name kratom that’s making its name in the United States. In kratom circles, Maeng Da is famed for its potency, and we go along with the consensus. These are awesome strains, which max out kratom’s effects and give great experiences time after time.



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