Why Pashmina is a Good Wardrobe Addition

A pashmina is a type of material. It is wool originating from a specific breed of goats that inhabit the high altitude of the Himalayas. That is quite a mouthful and unquestionably intimidating. Pashmina is fine quality cashmere. This breed of goats yield a remarkable inner coat of hair due to the harsh and cold living conditions. The hair is exceptionally durable but amazingly soft and acclimates well to human skin. For years, the fleece of this particular breed has been part of the production of wraps, shawls, and scarves. The pashmina is fine quality cashmere synonymous with high-quality fashion accessories such as scarves, shawls and wraps. It is manufactured in Kashmir and Nepal and was widely known as a pashmina in the 1990s.

The pashmina must have a place in every household’s wardrobes. It is a versatile and essential accessory that one can wear in a lot of ways. No matter what time of the year, this accessory will always come in handy.

The classic knot

Then, like a classic knot tie, secure what’s left of the fabric. Wrap it once around your neck. Tie it snuggly in colder weather, and during the summertime, it can be an accessory with more colourful and vibrant design options.


A pashmina can be worn as a shawl or like a man’s necktie. Wear it around your neck, knotted. It can give your mundane clothing the needed boost. It can accentuate the most simple wardrobe, like a white tee and denim jeans.

Bathing suit accessory

A pashmina can come in handy during a beach trip. It can be a cover-up, garment, towel or simply a beach accessory.


It can be an alternative outfit idea. A pashmina shawl spanning 36” x 80” can be tied around the waist, the middle of the chest or a halter. It can work as a skirt, dress or a top.

Head Scarf

This accessory can also double as a headband and headscarf. The queen, HRH Elizabeth II, has been seen in headscarves many times.

Drape the garment above the hairline and securely tie the ends at the back of the head. It is the perfect cover-up on bad hair days too.

Around the neck

Lastly, pashmina can be worn traditionally. It can be used as a protective covering during winter months in a tight knot as a neck scarf. A pashmina in a looser knot in summer  is a perfect accessory.

Pashmina shawls are an elegant, purposeful, and comfortable fashion accessory. They are usually woven with silk, 50%-50% up to 100% cashmere. No matter the fabric combination, this delicate garment requires extra care. The original fabric quality and texture must remain the same.

A gentle detergent and hand-washed with lukewarm water is how to wash pashminas—hand squeeze, never wring it and then air dry.

Never store pashminas unwashed. Ideal storage uses a protective bag and piles them with tissue paper in between, snugged adequately in cool, dry fitted wardrobes. This storage hack is to eliminate dust, dirt and dampness. A fitted wardrobe is a custom-design wall to ceiling installation that appears to be cohesive in any room. Several storage compartments make up a fitted cabinet, for shoes, folded clothes and hung scarves and pashminas.

In a nutshell, it is a versatile piece of garment to own. It is timeless, cosy and beautiful with any type of clothing.



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