Why Are the Arts So Important?

Take a look around. Unless you are reading this from a dreary office that does not allow personal desk possessions, you should be able to notice at least one work from the arts. Is there a piece of music flowing through the speakers? Is there a sweet butterfly design on the cushion next to you? Have you got Netflix on in the background?

These have all come from the arts. Getting to know the importance of the Music theory.

A simple exercise might be to ask yourself how you would feel if you could never watch TV or film again, you could never look at a design, painting, drawing, or listen to music ever again?

Everything would just be plain, silent, and sad because almost everything we love and enjoy has come from the arts sector.

That might already answer the question as to why the arts are so important, however, this piece will go into further detail!

Arts and Expression

The arts are some of the core mediums in which we use to understand the world. It has been around just as long as man has in one way or another, from the ancient cave paintings and the stunning architectural buildings of Italy to our favorite piano piece of music and the design on our coffee mug, art is intrinsic and relentless.

Using art as a form of expression is one of the ways in which we process our understandings of the world, and are able to say something without using our own voice. The arts are also used for experiences and emotions that we are unable to verbalize, which is critical to our mental health and the emotional development of humans and society at large.

Arts and Education

Interestingly, the arts were once seen as a luxury when it came to education, and to a certain extent, still are. However, the arts are far from a luxury for all of us, they are essential to not only our daily life but all other areas of life too. The benefits of learning the arts are second to none when it comes to not only schools, but also further education, and thankfully the education industry has very much recognized this when it comes to accessible online art courses such as those from Visual Arts Passage. Anyone with an internet connection can learn anything from illustration to color theory, both of which have a profound impact and influence on our life from the moment we are born (whether we are consciously aware of it or not!).

Arts and Creativity

Behind even the most essential and practical tools, creativity has played a part in making them come to life. Even though the arts and creativity are both separate entities within their own right, both are always intrinsically linked. The creation of art and creativity can come from absolutely anything, and an excellent example of this is a child’s ability to make something out of nothing. Although creativity has paved the way for everything we are accustomed to now and everything we will enjoy in the future, it is not something that has to be taught. Almost all of us are born with an imagination that comes as easily to us as the need to drink water – and we all know how important water is!



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