When you can’t say the words – maybe a gift can say it for you

The words ‘I love you’ can be incredibly hard to say for many people and so even though they mean it, they look for alternative ways to let you know. Many people will tell you that it’s all about showing your love for someone rather than saying it and so this is why buying someone a highly personalised gift that can actually say the words or can infer the feeling is good. Many people appreciate the thought behind many gifts rather than the gift itself and so it can be sometimes difficult to pick out the right gift that shows the other person exactly how you feel.

It is important to remember that you don’t have to wait for a particularly special occasion to let someone know that they mean so much to you and that you do indeed love them. It is such a simple gesture and yet it means so much to the vast majority of us. If you want to tell someone that you love them and you want to do it in the form of a gift then maybe the following gifts that say “I love you” can help you to choose wisely.

  • A personalised family tree – We are all curious about where we come from and although we may know who our grandparents and our great grandparents were, we really can’t go back any further than that without sitting down and doing some much-needed research ourselves. The vast majority of us are curious to know and so providing a loved one with a gift that lets them know exactly their origins and who would have had an influence with regard to bringing them into this world is the best gift ever and is a gift that they know you put your heart and soul into.
  • A personalised picture frame – This provides you with many different options and you might just want to put a personalised message in the frame telling someone that you love them in just a few words. Many of these personalised picture frames, with messages already added and so this makes your life a little bit easier when you find it difficult to get the words to come to you.
  • A personalised keyring – This makes the perfect gift and you can’t really go wrong with it because we all have keys and we all want something that helps us to be able to identify them quite easily so we can drive family members to primary care. We know that this person would be looking at this key ring every single day and so this provides you with the perfect opportunity to remind them that you do love them and that you are in their thoughts every single day.

If you’re the kind of person who finds it difficult to say the magic words ‘I love you’ then you can still say what you want to say in the form of a gift. Our friends, family and loved ones understand that it’s not easy for some people to say the words and so they are more than happy to accept a gift in lieu of it.



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