When should you replace a tile roof with another roofing material

A tile roof is quite a big investment, and you can’t replace it frequently. While installing a tile roof, the important things that should be kept in mind are the protection and lifespan of the roof. If proper care and maintenance of the roof are done, it will last you for 20 to 30 years.

It is always advisable by the professionals that you take the warning signs seriously so that the roof lasts you longer term. The roof’s condition depends on the environmental conditions; if the roof faces severe rainfall, snowfall, and storms, its lifespan reduces, and it needs continuous maintenance.

Tile roofs are very common nowadays. Tiles of different types are used in the houses according to the house’s interior and exterior style. The common types of tiles are concrete. Concrete is widely used in roofing materials as it is not expensive as slate and terracotta tiles.

The replacement of the roof is a project that will cost you a lot. If your roof faces any leakage, poor water circulation, or missing tiles, these are the alarming signs that you should address in the earliest possible time. You should seek professional guidance like Koala Roofing Co if you need a complete replacement of the roof with another material or you just have to repair the damaged area.

Here we will discuss some of the signs that show replacing your roof with some other material.

Age of the tile roof:

The roof’s age will decide if you have to completely replace the roof or you need minor maintenance. The expected life span of the tile roofs like concrete or slate, if maintained properly, is 20 plus years or, in some cases, 30 plus years. If your roof is not old enough, you can simply rely on repairing the roof.

Suppose you don’t focus on the roof’s condition from time to time and neglect it for the long duration of the average life span if the roof reduces. It doesn’t matter if the roof is new or old. Due to the damaging environmental conditions and no attention on the maintenance of the roof, even the new tile roof does not last you long.

If you notice damage in the roofing, like leaks and missing tiles, then it is better to replace your roof material with some other good quality material instead of tile if the roof is old or new.

Environmental conditions:

Environmental conditions play a very important role in replacing the roof or the longevity of the roof. It depends on how much the roof has experienced major wind storms or hurricanes. If the roof is more exposed to the conditions like tornados, it will damage the roof’s material from inside. 

The roof’s material, like tiles chatter from inside the underlayment of the roof, got damaged severely. There is no difference in the outlook of the roof, but from the inside, the roof has been damaged severely that in, result, reduces the life span of the roofing material.

Condition of the underlayment of the roof:

Underlayment is also a very important factor in the tile roof that keeps your roof safe against any water leakage. The underlayment is also known as a defense sheet underneath the tiles in the roofing. In areas with more snow falling and rainy conditions, the underlayment protects against any leakage.

 The most popular type of underlayment is asphalt-saturated felt. Likewise, the roofing material underlayment also has different life spans. The average life span of the underlayment is 25 years. In some situations, the underlayment gets damaged due to heavy snow falling, rain, or extremely sunny weather. 

Along with the underlayment, the tiles also start to replace from their position, and it is high time that you consider replacing your tile roof with some other material.

Here are some more factors that will help you change your roofing material with some other material.

  • Cost of replacement 
  • Type of the tiles used in the roofing
  • Cost of maintenance 


Replacement of the roof with some other material is not an easy task. It will cost you a lot, and it is a very time and effort-consuming task. If the ting problems in the roofing do not repair on time and it is neglected for the longest time, then the situation of the roof material replacement comes.

Before replacing the roofing material, you should look at the conditions mentioned earlier and consult the professional for better advice.



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