What You Need To Know About Your Employment Rights

When you begin to work for a new company, there is of course lots of paperwork that you sign to make the employment official and legal. Within that paperwork, you will find pages dedicated to your rights as an employee. Ensure that you are fully knowledgeable about the policies of your company and the legal, wider policies that are put in place to protect your rights.

Legal Advice Is Out There

However professional and respectable a company may seem, there are always companies out there that will try to take advantage of you as an employee. In even more severe cases, your employer may discriminate against you or engage in harassment or assault. If you are a victim of this, contact legal firms such as HKM Employment Attorneys for reputable and knowledgeable legal advice on how to handle this sort of treatment.

Maternity and Paternity

Employers cannot refuse this leave. However, there are documents you must gather and notice you must give to prepare for maternity leave that will make the process run smoother and will give your employer time to hire cover for your job role. Maternity and paternity leave can leave you with many concerns about potential problems that arise from you taking this leave, but you are absolutely entitled to it. If, for example, your maternity cover has been offered your job role full time in your place, then this is maternity discrimination, and you can take legal action against this.

Annual Leave Is Non-Negotiable

Employees absolutely have the right to take annual leave. Usually this is at least twenty-eight days of paid leave if you are in full-time employment. If your employer is trying to refuse your request for annual leave, then it is highly recommended that you request an employment tribunal. However, if this is the kind of company you are working for, it may be a better idea to seek other employment.

Health and Safety Issues

Your rights as an employee mean that you should be able to have a workplace where you feel safe and healthy. If your environment is unclean or dangerous, this could lead to serious illness. Your employer must take precautions to ensure that their company is following the appropriate health and safety codes.

You Do Not Have to Suffer

If you are currently finding yourself in a toxic working environment that disregards your rights as an employee, there are many modern workplaces out there that are more progressive, open-minded, and genuinely care about your wellbeing. Company culture has become increasingly more important to employees in recent years, so if your company does the bare minimum for their staff members, there are always other places out there that will do better.

Final Thoughts

Your rights as an employee is what keeps you safe, protected, and stable in your career. Do not allow your company to take advantage of you. Ensuring that you understand workplace legislatures and the specific policies of your company will give you the required knowledge to make the best judgement call that you can.



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