What Wordpress Company Has The Best Customer Support?

Thinking about building a website to help upscale your business? While the thought, tools, services, and products are available online, the primary task of running your site can be time-consuming and requires tons of hard work. That alone is one of the sole reasons why most webmasters, those responsible for all content creation, end up letting their business site slide off. 

Is WordPress Customer Support Important?

The webmaster is responsible for all administrative tasks, from content creation, security, general site updates, social media management, strategic outreach, and SEO. Just thinking about these tasks is already time-consuming and offers less time for you to focus on other things. 

On the other hand, WordPress support and maintenance services help you manage all of these responsibilities and let the experts do it on your behalf. Finding the most reliable team to do support and maintenance is essential. Just like searching for the best hosting provider, you need to review their WordPress hosting features to see if it perfectly fits what you are looking for. Support services help you take care of site downtime, theme modifications, theme or plugin error, or assistance with troubleshooting.

On the other hand, maintenance service includes WordPress core updates, website backups, theme updates, plugin updates, uptime monitoring, security, and more.

Finding the most reliable WordPress company that offers outstanding customer support is essential. Some of the known advantages of having one are: 

  • It drastically helps you reduce the time spent maintaining and tackling issues about your website, including spam, errors, and hacks.
  • It handles ordinary tasks that need to be worked on like theme updates, plugins, website backups, and security checks. These tasks may seem mundane but have an essential contribution to your digital business success. 
  • It’s ideal for newcomers in WordPress as they take full control of complex situations that need a resolution from experts to keep your site accessible online faster.
  • Support companies reduce workload and enable you to work on other vital tasks.

Top-Rated Wordpress Company With Excellent Support Team

WordPress customer support services are unique, and before hiring one immediately, you need to consider their reputation and double-check every feature that they offer. It will help you decide whether their services match what your website needs. Here are the top-rated Wordpress companies you need to consider when checking for customer support. 

  • WP Buffs

WP Buffs is a widely-known WordPress management and maintenance support service that is available 24/7 with a remote team to assist you with any issues from your website. The site enables you to access the most excellent WordPress plugin security features.

  • WP Site care

WP Site Care is a dedicated WordPress maintenance and support service. The team ensures that your site is protected and fast with 24/7 site monitoring that provides peace of mind to help you focus on upscaling your business rather than doing administrative tasks. 

It also offers automated backups of the site’s files, images, and database stored offsite into the cloud. This company optimizes your site’s performance.

  • FixRunner

When it comes to a cheap yet reliable Wordpress support and help service, FixRunner is an excellent choice for maintaining, monitoring, fixing, and doing development tasks. The company also manages the WordPress theme and plugin updates. 

With 24/7 team monitoring to ensure your website is seamlessly running and accessible with cloud backup solutions to keep your website restored and backup in a few minutes.

  • WP SitePlan

WP SitePlan provides WordPress support plans and maintenance service, which offers security solutions that protect the website against malware and hackers. Some services, such as site monitoring and bug fixing, are included. 

The service also optimizes your database and ensures that your website is running seamlessly without any error. WP SitePlan also offers to track analytics, uptime score, and update installations to run smoothly.

  • WordXpress

WordXpress offers outstanding maintenance, marketing, and support solutions designed for Wordpress. It comes with regular updates, malware scanning, and offsite online backups with unlimited fixes, edits, and changes for WordPress websites. 

WordXpress provides innovative page builder, Google Analytics assistance, and SendGrid email access software. You can also use the service for spam protection, page speed tracking, and more.


The most reliable, trusted, and excellent WordPress companies that offer high-end support service enable you to focus on upscaling your business. They help you minimize mundane tasks which these companies that entirely do on your behalf and help you manage your website for complete optimization and performance.



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