What To Expect For The Summer Whale Watching Season

While much of the human world took a pause for most of 2020 and into 2021, the fascinating world of whales continued as always without missing a beat. In fact, the whales off the California coast did what they have been doing for thousands of years: visiting their favorite haunts, frolicking in the ocean and making new whales. All of this is why whale watching La Jolla promises to be an exciting year for viewing these spectacular creatures.

The area is known for the beautiful water of the San Diego Bay, as well as the stunning coastline featuring the La Jolla Cliffs. Nonetheless, it is hard to upstage the splendor of the whales as they go about their lives offshore. Around 20,000 Pacific gray whales, which reach lengths of nearly 50 feet, can be seen in the area. Also, blue whales, the largest animal ever on planet Earth, can be seen in the La Jolla area in the spring and summer.

A Chance To See Many Whale Species

On a La Jolla whale watching excursion, guests have a great opportunity to see many different types of whales, all while relaxing in comfort on a remarkable sailing yacht. In addition to blue whales and gray whales, the possibility exists to see the following baleen and toothed whales:

  • Humpback whales that sometimes exceed 50 feet in length
  • Fin whales that are nearly as long as the blue whales
  • The North Pacific right whale that weighs up to 100 tons
  • Common and bottlenose dolphins known for high speeds

Occasionally rare species such as killer whales and pilot whales make an appearance, and there is always a good chance to see seals and sea lions gliding through the waves. While the whales are definitely the stars of an outing, the deep blue colors of the ocean and the abundant sunshine also enhance the experience. Guests can also relax knowing that they are in the hands of an experienced crew on a sailing ship that has all of the amenities and safety equipment necessary.

A Perfect Time To Come Enjoy the Sights

While each season has its highlights, a case can be made that the summer season is probably the best time for whale watching in San Diego. The weather is hard to beat then, and for those hoping to catch a glimpse of blue whales, this is the time to board a ship. These charismatic animals begin arriving in May, and peak in June and they can be spotted into August. Summer is also an excellent time to see fin whales and humpback whales.

Humpback whales are known for their long pectoral fins and knobby heads. They often breach the surface spectacularly, splashing down into the water with a gigantic explosion.

No matter what time visitors find themselves in the San Diego area, a whale watching expedition is enjoyable for the entire family. From mid-December to April the gray whale migration is in full display, bringing large numbers of these whales to the La Jolla area. Now is the time to plan an outing to see these amazing creatures.



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