What is the Best 6 Person Hot Tub?

Taking a long soak in a hot tub is one of life’s most underrated experiences. The sensation of the warm water bubbling gently against your skin is incredible and the feeling of weightlessness you get as your soak goes on is intoxicating.

Everyone should get the chance to experience taking a long soak inside a hot tub at least once in their life.

For you, staying in a hot tub does not have to be a one-time experience. It will be something you can enjoy whenever you want by owning a home spa.

In this article, we will focus on highlighting the best 6-person hot tubs so that you and some guests can have relaxing experiences on demand.

Who Makes the Best Hot Tub?

It may surprise you to learn that more than a few companies are in the business of making hot tubs. Some notable examples include Arctic Spas, Caldera Spas, and Hot Spring Spas and Hot Tubs.

Still, those brands pale in comparison to Jacuzzi. The Jacuzzi brand has become so closely associated with spas and hot tubs that a lot of people do not even realize that it is a company name. They just mistakenly assume it is what you call the hot tubs installed at home.

Jacuzzi-brand hot tubs are lauded for their durability and for featuring an array of cutting-edge features. If something new has come to the world of hot tubs, you can bet that you will find it in a Jacuzzi model.

It also helps that Jacuzzi-brand hot tubs are easy to find. They have dealers in locations across the country. If you want a hot tub added to your home as soon as possible, they will be able to help you out.

What Are the Best 6 Person Jacuzzi Hot Tubs?

A 6-person hot tub is great for relaxing afternoons together with friends. In this section, let us highlight some of the top model’s available courtesy of Jacuzzi.

J-485 Hot Tub

The J-485 Hot Tub from Jacuzzi is an ideal choice for homeowners who want a therapeutic option.

The low-profile foot dome built into this model can cradle your feet and ease the tension they are carrying. You can also use the adjustable PowerPro jets to target specific parts of your body that can use some relief.

If you are feeling particularly sore following a long week at work, use one of these hot tub’s included therapy seats. The FX-12 seat gives you a deep tissue massage, the MX2 seat eases your back pain while the RX Jet seat gives you a Swedish-style massage.

J-385 Hot Tub

The main selling point of the J-385 Hot Tub is that it offers plenty of open seating. You and your guests will have plenty of room to stretch out inside this hot tub.

In addition to the abundant space available, the J-385 also provides a comforting therapy seat, a no-splash jetted massage pillow, and a wide array of PowerPro jets. You will have no trouble getting comfortable as you soak leisurely inside this tub.

J-345 Hot Tub

You will notice right away that the J-345 Hot Tub has a lot in common with the Jacuzzi’s J-385 offering. Both are outfitted with the same features and they pretty much feature a similar design.

There are only two notable differences between the J-385 and the J-345. The first point of difference is that the J-385 is noticeably bigger. However, the J-345 makes up for that by being the more affordable option.

J-245 Hot Tub

In terms of value, you will be hard-pressed to find a Jacuzzi model that can outshine the J-245 Hot Tub. It comes loaded with many premium features such as the jetted foot dome, the back and shoulder waterfalls, and LED lighting and yet it remains as one of Jacuzzi’s more affordable options.

The ClassicPro jets may lack a bit of oomph compared to the newer options but they still manage to deliver plenty of comforts. This tub also offers plenty of space.

J-235 Hot Tub

Last up, we have the J-235 Hot Tub from Jacuzzi. The J-235 is very similar to the J-245 model mentioned above but the difference is that this hot tub comes with lounge seating. If you prefer models with that feature included, this is an option you should seriously consider.

Should You Purchase a Chlorine or Saltwater Spa?

One of the crucial choices you will have to make while shopping for a new hot tub is deciding whether to get a model that uses chlorinated water or saltwater.

The upside to using models that rely on chlorinated water is that they excel at getting rid of any bacteria floating around in the water. You can rest assured knowing that the water is clean whenever you go in for a soak.

The downside to hot tubs that utilize chlorinated water is that your eyes may sting just a bit whenever you are done soaking.

Saltwater spas eliminate the need for chlorine and other chemicals because there is a system in place that keeps the water clean. You will have to spend more time maintaining your saltwater tub, but the benefits are worth it.

What Features Should You Look for in a Hot Tub?

If you are on the market for a new hot tub, keep the following factors mentioned below in mind as they will help you make the right purchase.


There is obviously no ideal size for a hot tub, but you will want one that suits your needs better. Smaller tubs are fine for you and your spouse but if you are planning to have guests over frequently, a spa capable of seating six or even seven people would be preferable.

Water Capacity

Knowing the water capacity of the tub is important because it will let you know how tedious maintenance can be. Tubs with high capacities often take a long time to drain and refill so remember that before making a purchase.

Jet Design

Hot tubs rely on built-in jets to help soothe the bodies of its occupants. However, you do not necessarily need plenty of jets installed to experience great massages.

The placement of the jets is more important. Look closely at how they arranged and see if they will hit important spots like your lower back or your feet. You can also ask the dealer how the jets work on a model to get a better idea of its capabilities.


The pumps will determine how much pressure you are getting from your jets. Stronger pumps are desirable, but they are not essential components. Hot tubs that can offer around 2.0 continuous horsepower are more than capable of providing adequate pain relief.

You can quickly find yourself overwhelmed whenever you are shopping for a new hot tub. It is easier to shop when you have experts listening to your needs and guiding you to the right choices and the hot tub installation process. We at Ajax Pool & Spa Aspen are ready to help so please contact us today if you want to find the hot tub that will fit nicely into your home.



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