The Ultimate Guide on What is an ORDIT? How to Become One?

ORDIT, an acronym for the Official Register of Driving Instructor Trainers, is a program that driving instructors can opt into. It serves to demonstrate that they have robust procedures in place for driving instructor training. But what does this mean? And furthermore, why does it matter for trainees and the driving instruction industry? Let’s dive deep into what is an ORDIT, its significance, and its implications for various stakeholders.


ORDIT: A Detailed Overview

ORDIT, or the Official Register of Driving Instructor Trainers, is an optional program that driving instructors can undertake. It’s an initiative managed by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) and is aimed at ensuring superior quality training for aspiring driving instructors. It’s a voluntary register that signifies an instructor has met the DVSA’s high standards of instruction and training.

The Relevance of ORDIT

The significance of ORDIT primarily lies in the assurance it provides to trainees. It offers peace of mind knowing that the instructor trainer or training establishment has been vetted by the DVSA. This vetting process includes checking training logs, terms and conditions, and complaint procedures.

The ORDIT registration essentially means that if there’s a dispute between a trainee and their trainer, it can be escalated to the DVSA for resolution. Although disputes are infrequent, the knowledge that protection exists and that the establishment has been checked is valuable.

ORDIT Registration: Why Isn’t Everyone Doing It?

A pertinent question that arises is – if ORDIT offers such benefits, why isn’t every driving instructor trainer ORDIT registered? The answer lies in the associated costs. The ORDIT process isn’t free, and it involves ongoing inspections, which might deter some driving schools. However, those serious about delivering high-quality training see the value in being inspected and earning their ORDIT status.

The Journey to Becoming ORDIT Registered

If you’re an ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) and wish to elevate your professional status by becoming an ORDIT trainer, the process is straightforward but requires commitment and dedication. Here are the prerequisites:

  • You must be an ADI.
  • You should have a grade A on your latest ADI standards check (please note, a grade A from your ADI part 3 test does not count).

Once you meet these requirements, the next step is to pass an assessment of your training skills with the DVSA.

Preparing for Your ORDIT Assessment

The assessment process is a critical step in the journey to ORDIT registration. It’s advisable to study the relevant documents on official platforms, use books, and software to help you prepare. It’s also beneficial to seek the help of a registered trainer to guide you through the process.

The assessment costs £151.20, which includes VAT. Once you pass the assessment, you can register as an ORDIT trainer, which involves an additional fee.

Why Choose an ORDIT Trainer?

An ORDIT-registered trainer can offer a superior training experience. The DVSA established ORDIT to help aspiring driving instructors make an informed choice of trainer, avoiding substandard training and wasted money.

Being on the ORDIT register involves passing several inspections and having various training documents reviewed, which ensures that the training provided meets the required standards.

The Challenge with ORDIT Registration

While ORDIT registration is a mark of quality assurance, it’s not without its challenges. The register is not free, and it requires effort and adherence to quality training standards. Many instructors don’t want to undergo the initial test and biannual inspections, which can be a deterrent.

However, any instructor trainer serious about the industry and dedicated to providing the highest possible standards should strive to be on the ORDIT register. This way, they can differentiate themselves from the pool of instructors across the UK.

The Investment for ORDIT Trainer Course

The cost of the ORDIT Trainer’s course varies between training schools. It typically involves 30 hours of training on a one-to-one course or a two-to-one course. The training can also be done on an ongoing hourly basis for those not needing 30 hours.

The Future of ORDIT

ORDIT is a significant initiative in the driving lesson industry. While it has faced some criticism, the program continues to serve as a quality assurance mechanism for driving instructor trainers. Its future will likely involve more adaptations and improvements to ensure it remains a relevant and valuable tool within the industry.

Concluding Thoughts

Ordinary is an essential program in the driving instruction industry, providing quality assurance and peace of mind for trainees. While becoming ORDIT registered involves costs and effort, it’s a worthwhile investment for those serious about delivering high-quality training. While ORDIT has faced some challenges, its future looks promising, with likely improvements and adaptations to ensure its continued relevance in the industry.




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