DirectTV Lifetime Channel Number: Stay Tuned to Your Favorite Programs

Television has come a long way from its humble beginnings. In this era of satellite television, we have access to a plethora of channels. One channel that has carved a distinct niche for itself is the Lifetime channel. This article will answer the often-asked question: what channel is lifetime on directv?

Lifetime is a subsidiary of A&E, a well-known network that’s part of the DIRECTV lineup. This channel is known for its focus on women-centric content, with programming that revolves around issues that affect women and their families. It also broadcasts films primarily aimed at a female audience, reality TV shows, dramas, and reruns of popular shows.

In this article, we will delve into the details about Lifetime channel on DIRECTV, its various shows, and how you can get the channel on your DIRECTV service.

Lifetime Channel on DIRECTV: Channel Number Explained

If you are a DIRECTV subscriber, you’ll be pleased to know that Lifetime is available on all of DIRECTV’s packages. Whether you are subscribed to the entry-level ENTERTAINMENT™ tier, or you have the high-end PREMIER™ tier, you will have access to Lifetime Channel.

But what channel is Lifetime on DIRECTV? There’s no need to scroll through hundreds of channels to find Lifetime. We’ve got the answer right here for you.

Channel Name Channel Number
Lifetime on DIRECTV 252

So, the Lifetime channel is available on channel 252 across all DIRECTV packages.

Top Shows to Enjoy on Lifetime Channel

Lifetime is known for its unique and entertaining programming. Here are some of the top-rated TV shows that you can enjoy on Lifetime:

The Rap Game

“The Rap Game” is a reality show that revolves around young, budding rappers who are trained by some of the industry’s most successful rappers. This show has completed five seasons and is one of the most-watched shows on Lifetime.

Little Women: Atlanta

“Little Women: Atlanta” is a reality series that focuses on the lives of little people living in Atlanta, Georgia. This show attracts millions of viewers who are intrigued by the lifestyle and struggles of these women.

Designing Spaces

“Designing Spaces” is a home improvement show that features interior designers and decorators working together to transform and set up various homes. This show is perfect for those who are interested in home décor and designing.

How to Access Lifetime Channel on DIRECTV?

Getting the Lifetime channel on DIRECTV is straightforward. DIRECTV offers a variety of packages, each providing a comprehensive channel lineup that caters to everyone in the family. The Lifetime channel is available on all of DIRECTV’s packages, so you can enjoy its unique programming regardless of the package you choose.

To subscribe to the Lifetime channel on DIRECTV, follow these simple steps:

  1. Contact DIRECTV customer service via phone or live chat
  2. Provide your details, such as your address, zip code, phone number, email, and preferred payment method
  3. Ask about the availability of DIRECTV packages in your area
  4. Choose a package that suits your entertainment needs and budget
  5. Confirm that the Lifetime channel is included in your chosen package
  6. Sign up and start enjoying the Lifetime movies on the premium channel

Streaming Lifetime Channel on Different Platforms

In addition to watching the Lifetime channel on DIRECTV, there are other ways to enjoy Lifetime’s content. You can stream Lifetime shows and movies on various platforms, including the Lifetime App, Hulu Live TV, Sling TV, Roku, Fire TV, and Apple TV. You can also watch the Lifetime channel on, the official website of the Lifetime network.

Lifetime channels can also be accessed on smart devices. If you have an iPhone, iPad, or Android device, you can download the Lifetime app from the App Store or Google Play Store and enjoy Lifetime’s content wherever you go.

Final Thoughts

The Lifetime premium channel provides a unique perspective on television, focusing on women’s issues and experiences. With its diverse programming and wide availability on DIRECTV package and other platforms, Lifetime is a channel worth checking out. So, tune into channel 252 on DIRECTV and start enjoying the unique programming that Lifetime has to offer.


What Channel is Lifetime Movie Network on DIRECTV?

The Lifetime Movie Network is available on DIRECTV on channel number 253.

What number channel is Lifetime on DIRECTV?

Lifetime on DIRECTV is available on channel number 252.

Is Lifetime available on DIRECTV Stream?

Yes, Lifetime movie network is available for streaming on DIRECTV Stream, included with your DIRECTV package.

How do I add Lifetime to DIRECTV?

To watch Lifetime to DIRECTV, you need to upgrade to the CHOICE channel package, which includes all of the channels on the Lifetime network in HD.



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